RHONJ Season 8 Taglines Revealed

We finally have a look at the season 8 Real Housewives of New Jersey taglines. Check out the taglines below and let us know whose you like and whose you hate.

Dolores Catania: “Look up loyalty in the dictionary and you’ll find my face.”

Melissa Gorga: “The only life that I envy is my own.”

Margaret Josephs: “I bring the power, the pigtails and the party.”

Siggy Flicker: “My motto is: Know your worth. Leave the rest to your plastic surgeon.”

Teresa Giudice: “If you’re not about the namaste, get the hell out of my way.”

Photo Credit: Bravo


4 Replies to “RHONJ Season 8 Taglines Revealed”

  1. Maybe taglines should read:
    Dolores–couldn’t get Dina, so they picked me instead cause I look so much like her;
    Melissa–First my music career (tanked); then my clothing store (closed and re-opened); now MY TV show?
    Margaret–Who the hell am I wihtout these stupid pigtails so people can talk about me?
    Siggy–I don’t know my worth, that’s why I’m still on this garbage of a show.
    Teresa–If you’re not about the namaste, just buy my damn books–PU-LEASE

  2. New Tagline for ANY or ALL of the NJ Housewives;

    “Don’t Blame Me for Turning the “Garden State” into the “Garbage State.”

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