RHONJ Season 8 Premiere Recap

The season premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey aired tonight and it was more intense and emotional than ever.

We saw Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga mourning the loss of their mother, Antonia Gorga. “She fought so hard, but the pneumonia was too hard for her,” Teresa explained through tears, saying what a wonderful mother she had. “She was pretty amazing.”

Teresa also explains that her husband Joe has been in prison for a year and he is losing weight. She said her daughter’s are in constant contact with their father. “It’s hard for the girls to have their father away, but we’ve adapted the best we can,” Teresa confessed.

Meanwhile, Melissa Gorga is worried about her husband Joe, who is drained and heartbroken from the loss of his mother. “Joe, your dad was breaking my heart,” Melissa said. “I have never seen a man love a woman the way he loves… every time he talks about her, his eyes tear up.”

Dolores Catania is going through major changes. “Yes, my ex-husband who cheated on me is moving back in,” Dolores told viewers, adding that Frank’s relationship with his girlfriend is rocky. Will Frank and Dolores get back together? “I don’t… not gonna happen, no,” Dolores coyly said. Dolores was also happy to reveal that she is an independent woman and revealed she has opened another gym.

Siggy Flicker caught up with her husband Michael over dinner, but not before she drilled her 15-year old daughter Sophie about boys being at a party. Siggy is feeling empty nest syndrome as her son Joshua is leaving for college in six months and her daughter is growing up.

Teresa and Joe Gorga went to their father’s house to get some of his clothes so he could stay with Teresa. “It’s been a month since my mom passed and my dad is still feeling lost,” Teresa shares. “I see him cry everyday and I want to make things better, but there’s no way to make things better because she’s not here.” Joe assured Teresa, “I’ll be around a lot.” Teresa got emotional about the time she spent in prison when she wasn’t with her mother.

Melissa is still working on her boutqiue, Envy, and had a lot to say about her ex-business partner, Jackie. Gorga said the partners had two different visions. “We were working out our contract agreement, which was to liquidate everything within 30 days. During that time she snuck in in the middle of the night and took all of the clothes. She knew everything that was going on at the time with my mother-in-law.” Melissa adds, “The icing on the cake is where she took my clothes. You’re going to take my clothes to the bottom of the barrel, to Kim D. Kim D is my arch nemesis.”

Danielle Staub sent flowers to Teresa. “I have nothing against her. I just got mad at her at the time because she was attacking Dina,” Teresa explains. “Danielle, we do have a past together. When I was away you start thinking about a lot of things and Danielle never got a fair chance. We did yoga a few times. She asked me about mommy everyday. That was really nice. I’m glad we’re moving on, but I do get worried she’ll become a little to clinky (she meant clingy.)”

Joe Gorga took his father and Teresa’s girls out to dinner so she could have some girl time. Dolores shocked the ladies by telling them that she has a boyfriend and Frank has moved back in. Teresa admitted to her friends that she was starting to feel depressed from losing her mother. Siggy suggested a getaway to her second home, Boca Raton, FL. It also happened to be Melissa Gorga’s birthday.

Siggy invited the girls to an event and they met Siggy’s friend Margaret Josephs. “Margaret is animated, over the top, so much fun,” Siggy said. Margaret mentioned she had to travel to Palm Beach for work and Siggy and Dolores invited her to join the ladies in Boca.

Margaret Joseps refers to herself as “the powerhouse in pigtails.” She owns a multi-million dollar business. The MacBeth Collection by Margaret Josephs. “I actually run my business out of my home, and my mother works for me. I just love it,” she shared. Margaret reveals that when she met her husband, Joe, they were both married to other people. Joe is a contractor that was coming to do her moldings, while her marriage was going down the drain. Josephs says they had an undeniable chemistry and fell in love.

Margaret met the ladies in Boca for dinner. Siggy walked in the restaurant very loudly, saying hello to everyone she knew.  “She rules Boca,” Dolores told the girls, who were a bit embarrassed. Siggy told the women that Michael doesn’t want her to work as much as she does and asks for their advice.

Siggy mentioned that Teresa doesn’t have a choice but to work. Teresa admitted she gets frustrated at the situation, even though she misses having a partner. “With my husband, I do get upset. I’m very hands on. I always want to be there for my kids. I’ll jump over backwards. So, I hate that I couldn’t be there because I was away,” she said. “He should have put me and my four daughters first, then we wouldn’t be in this predicament. It just hit home with my mom not being here.” Teresa tells her friends that when Joe gets out, he better be a changed person and that she does not know what the future holds for them.

The next day was Melissa’s birthday. At breakfast, Danielle Staub showed up to join the ladies. “That’s right, bitches! I’m back,” Staub told viewers. “Never in a million years did I think Teresa and I would be vacationing together,” Danielle confessed. “Originally when Teresa reached out to me, I had to give it a minute. I think she did too and we’re seeing where it goes.”

Teresa revealed that Danielle had hosted a housewarming party and she invited the ladies to attend with her. “It’s super odd, but I really, really like Danielle Staub. I think she’s cool. She entertains me,” Melissa said. Teresa added, “It felt very natural.”

Back at breakfast, Danielle had gossip to share with the ladies. She brought up the incident where a young man was found dead in Kim’s car. They ladies spoke about how horrible it must have been for Kim to not know where her son was for 4 hours. Danielle says she has empathy for Kim, but that she hasn’t seen her since she set her up to have her hair pulled at a country club. (Season 2.) Danielle and Melissa bonded over their hatred for Kim D, but Siggy told them that Kim is her friend. Melissa told Siggy she kisses Kim’s ass, which didn’t go over well. “I have a lot of pride. I don’t kiss anyone’s ass,” Siggy told her. Flicker said she was going to let her anger go because it was Gorga’s birthday.

The ladies all joined each other for Melissa’ birthday. Danielle and Margaret immediately hit it off and the alcohol started flowing. Melissa told a story about her bachelorette party and shared that Teresa told her brother that Melissa was dancing with a guy. Melissa noted that her and Joe didn’t speak for three weeks after.

Siggy presented Melissa with a beautiful birthday cake that she had specially made, but lost it when the girls started throwing the cake. Teresa was having fun and chasing Melissa with her cake, which really upset Siggy. Siggy pointed out how the cake were the colors of Melissa’s boutique and said it was a tribute to Melissa.

“This was a work of art,” Siggy said. “Just very disrespectful.” When Margaret told Siggy to take it down a notch, Siggy replied, “Go f*ck yourself.”

What did you think of the premiere episode?

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20 Replies to “RHONJ Season 8 Premiere Recap”

  1. I was kinda bored by the premiere but totally look forward to the season from that end-of-episode season preview.
    Don’t mess with Delores

    1. I was appalled at the behaviors displayed by Ziggy.. she’s really losing it and it’s kinda horrifying to watch! Her grandiose comments about herself make me wonder if she isn’t having some kind of emotional breakdown because of menopause/empty nester issue looming..who says those kind of things! She was sort of the “zen peacemaker” last season but she’s now “all over the place” while Theresa has become the”sane” one who has gone from closed down to pretty open about her feelings! I think she always made excuses for her husband and ignored his chauvinistic piggish behavior! I think if he comes home with the same attitudes he might not have a family! Losing that time with her mother was Theresa’s defining moment! I agree.. this season may be a wild ride!

      1. I’ll never be convinced Teresa didn’t know what she was doing when she signed those papers.
        Teresa caused Teresa to lose that year with her mother. I think that by blaming Joe for everything, Teresa is trying to convince everyone (most of all herself) of her innocence.

        Now that Joe’s been away for awhile, I have a feeling Teresa resents him because she feels abandoned. She’s mad at him for not being there (home). Yet at the same time, I think she’s loving her newfound freedom. Who knows? Maybe she feels guilty enjoying herself while Joe’s away. Nah, on second thought, I doubt Teresa would feel guilty about anything! That would require taking responsibility…

        Teresa’s situation reminds me of how some people respond to death. First, the person who died was so great (“The Halo Effect”). Then when reality sets in, the survivor is mad at the person who died for leaving.
        My heart goes out to the Giudice girls. All of this must be so confusing to them.

  2. Hi dear 3 D’s, all’s well here. Your way? hope the same & better too.
    I’m also happy that Jacqueline is not part of the show as she was not nice. Neither was Carolyn. They’re not missed for sure.

  3. The part where Joe Gorga threw orange juice in Joey’s face was absolutely classic! LOL! I just wasn’t expecting that!
    Also, the expression/smile on Joey’s face when he said he didn’t miss Melissa because she’s mean was priceless; just adorable!
    That one scene made the whole show!
    I cannot stand Siggy Flicker’s loud, screaming obnoxious behavior. Looks like she and Campanella are headed for divorce. Campanella, IMHO, looks at her with such disgust. Any wonder? Siggy’s behavior is embarrassing to watch. I don’t see how she gets anyone to go out in public with her.

    1. Oh, I agree 2018! She’s just trying too darn hard! Her voice goes beyond the norm. I would have been mortified to be a part of their party walking into the restaurant! Then, she walked around waiving, talking, hugging and kissing every single person in the place? Ridiculous! She was trying to make a point of how everyone loves her. I believe all her antics are her way of trying to usurp Tre’s popularity and star status. We know this will never happen, but she doesn’t, which makes me dislike her even more!!

      Happy Saturday, 2018!

      1. That restaurant scene made it abundantly clear why Siggy’s kids resist having to spend time with her.
        Siggy’s voice and behavior are nerve-wracking!

  4. Teresa, in my opinion, reached a new low leaving her grieving children home while she goes out of town to party. How does a mother watch and listen to her child crying over the very recent death (4 weeks when filmed) of a beloved grandparent via cell phone?
    The Giudice girls have suffered tremendous losses in such a short time: Joe’s father dies, Teresa in prison for a year, Joe’s prison sentence, Mrs. Gorga’s death…Come on, Teresa, BE THERE FOR YOUR KIDS! Leaving the kids to go off and party is scary-selfish IMHO.

  5. The Lauritas have a lot of nerve bad-mouthing the Giudices:

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    Read more at: http://allthingsrh.com/chris-laurita-found-liable-signature-apparel-bankruptcy-case/#comment-2870221 Chris Laurita Found Liable For Signature Apparel Bankruptcy Case

    Chris Laurita Found Liable For Signature Apparel Bankruptcy Case

    Read more at: http://allthingsrh.com/chris-laurita-found-liable-signature-apparel-bankruptcy-case/#comment-2870221
    Chris Laurita Found Liable For Signature Apparel Bankruptcy Case

    Read more at: http://allthingsrh.com/chris-laurita-found-liable-signature-apparel-bankruptcy-case/#comment-2870221 http://allthingsrh.com/chris-laurita-found-liable-signature-apparel-bankruptcy-case/#comment-2870221

  6. WTF? Teresa always made it sound as if her father couldn’t take care of himself. He’s sick, needs her to take him to dr.’s appts, etc. But now that she wants to go off & party, she leaves her daughters in his care? The guy’s wife just died. According to Teresa, her father is so lost and depressed. Is he really capable of taking care of four kids for four days? Is Gia even prepared enough to drive? She’s so young. She can’t have that much experience.

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