Is RHONJ Season 8 Being Delayed? Did Someone Get Fired?

It was a tweet that had all of the fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey very confused earlier this week. Our friend, Faux Reality Entertainment, shared on Twitter that, “#RHONJ will be delayed from Original air date. A key player was FIRED in a bombshell shake up.” The blog also clarified their original statement which they stand by; “#RHONJ Fired person is on Production side. If it was cast, it would say cast. Delay teaser, trailer & premier date. Article today.”

According to production insiders, the show was originally supposed to air in late September, but due to the firings of several production members, this will now delay the new season and it won’t premiere until the first week of October at the earliest, according to Faux.

“An exec[utive at Sirens] in charge of RHONJ was replaced. Bravo stepped in to make sure RHONJ was delivered like it was promised. They [Sirens] admitted it can’t deliver till October.”

Sirens is the production company that films and edits RHONJ.

What would you like to see happen this year on RHONJ?

Photo Credit: Bravo