RHONJ Season 7 To Feature Seven Women, Including New Faces


According to a new report, Bravo is moving forward with the new season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The report claims that the upcoming season will focus on seven women and will being shooting in May or June. With rumors of Tiki Barber’s wife Traci Lynn Johnson and Sebastian Bach’s former wife, Maria Bierk joining the cast, we are breaking the latest casting rumors.

“Bravo has a list of seven names, but Tiki’s wife has already turned the offer down,” an insider says. “It just wasn’t going to make sense for Tiki and Tracy to do the show at this point. But Sebastian’s ex-wife Maria is extremely interested in joining the show.”

“Cast members, including Melissa Gorga and Amber Marchese have also given producers names of their friends that would be interested in joining the show,” the source continued. “Shooting will likely begin at the end of May, or beginning of June. At least two new cast members will be added.”

With Teresa Giudice in prison, “this is the chance for the show to go in a totally different direction,” the source tells RadarOnline. “No more table flipping, or fighting with siblings.”

Dina Manzo has said she has no interest in doing another season, and twins Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea might not be asked to come back. As we previously reported, I spoke to our show insiders who revealed that Bravo is still interested in having Joe Giudice film with his daughters and capture Teresa’s April 2016 release.

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19 Replies to “RHONJ Season 7 To Feature Seven Women, Including New Faces”

  1. I all this is is a rehash of the rehas of the same old same old from the netoriously unreliable Radar Online’s unnamed source. Arrrghh!

  2. No more table flipping? Like that’s a good thing?

    The table flip was like an iconic housewives moment, if anything they should want more table flipping – just natural, not faked for cameras.

  3. Funny how when you are viewed like such as a$$hole on TV, you “decide not to return”….how about you’re NOT WANTED back? (Ahem…Dina)

  4. Last season was pretty awful. The twins, Melissa, and Amber were BORING and UNWATCHABLE. I tried to hang in with them, but lost interest and tuned out.
    It appears that there is no real hope for a good RHONJ cast this season. Bye ladies.

  5. They need an entire new cast. This is so played out. And thank you for not having the sisters back. They were the fakest “acting” housewives I have ever seen. Can we class this up at all please?? Perhaps no friends of friends…new blood is needed to keep this one alive and of interest. Please Bravo more humor and less screaming!!!

    1. Teresa g doesnt deserve to have her cushy job with good money. She needs to work a 9-5 job and live in a 2 br apt. She is a convicted felon. If she does come back, there is no way i will watch, and i know im not the only person w&o feels this way. I think you need to be responsible for paying her debts, maybe then you wont say STUPID STUFF. I bet you wont feel the same. If you still feel the same then, well there definately is NO HOPE FOR YOU. YOARE A STUPID IDIOT!!!!!!!!

      1. Wow, a little hostile because someone likes someone you don’t like? You come across as having some severe control issues. Maybe some anger issues, too? If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you, sweetie? Does your mommy and daddy know you hate a reality tv personality and call other people idiots and tell them they’re stupid if they do like her? There is an emotion that is called COMPASSION, a thing called FORGIVENESS and a word used called EMPATHY that certain people have toward people who sin. IMO, bellaboo, you have none of those qualities and the people that do display them aren’t stupid idiots.

      2. Bellaboo, When Tre steps out of prison she will have paid her debt to society. “PAID IN FULL.” She has the right to have any job she can get. You don’t want to watch, OK. You don’t want to buy her books, OK. I hope no one you love ever does anything that you are morally opposed to. She has more qualities than faults and I am a fan of hers and will only watch if she is on. It’s Caro and Jaqo that I won’t watch. Melissa too. The twins too. Dina, love her.

  6. What I think is that they should not film until Teresa gets out of jail. I think the First season girls should come back.

  7. wrong! its gonna feature 6 mains and two friends!!!!!!!!!!!
    + 2 new wives
    friends: kathy, new friend

  8. Andy tweeted that they’re casting now. That it will be a little bit. So while the rumors are slightly true, they aren’t 100%.

    I still think there should be three new, three old. My cast would be: Jacqueline, Melissa, and Amber. Then have three new wives, one family, and the other a stranger to the group.

    Tiki and Traci shot down the rumors of appearing on the show.

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