RHONJ Season 7 Ratings Drop Drastically


The Real Housewives of New Jersey is back after a year long hiatus and the ratings are in… Bravo was banking on Teresa Giudice’s return from prison to be ratings gold, but it doesn’t seem like viewers weren’t impressed with the show.

Only 1.7 million viewers watched the season seven premiere… that is the lowest in the show’s history. Season two of RHONJ was the highest Monday night rating in Bravo’s history. The season four premiere was the show’s highest rated in 2012 with 3 million viewers. Season six only drew in 2.1 million viewers, while 2.8 million watched the season five premiere.

Are you surprised by this? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Maybe this is the wake up call that Bravo needs. No one wants to watch this trash any longer. It’s stale its the same stories and you really pissed people off by rehiring a convicted felon back to the show. Shame on you Bravo Shame on you.

I’m with you Melodie! I won’t buy housewive’s products, let alone contribute to a felon’s bank account!

Ditto not interested!!

RHONJ would rock without Siggy, Jacqueline, Chris and Ashley.

Totally agree! Not interested in any of those folks you mentioned. Include Dolores in this group as well. No purpose, waste of time and money!!

This has been happening throughout all the HW shows, less and less people are watching. I can see why! They’ve ruined these shows with excess fighting and casting questionable HWs (Porcha, Rinna, Meghan , Kelly etc) who elevate the fake drama and create horrible uncomfortable conflict . I doubt bravo will learn anyhting or correct their course.

It’s interesting as I read Bravo happy as this was just viewers watching there and then but people recording put the figures much higher. I know you are into stats but I don’t know, how they work. Xxxxoooo

I can’t feel sorry for a convicted felon reality TV “star” who whores her life & family out on TV. Not to mention she’s dumb as a box of rocks. Hopefully this is the last season.

I like the new zen/mellow Teresa. Her facial expressions were hilarious when Melissa was trying to talk her into spending her first weekend free with Jacqueline. Teresa looked like she was going to puke! She really looked nauseated!

I’m with all of you! All the foghting and phoniness! Nobody wants to watch tha same old garbage over and over! Theresa is a convicted felon and is still playing the victim! And Joe Horga prancing around nude was the final straw! Nasty!

2.5 million watched this seasons premiere. We live in the DVR days people.

@Nick– thought it was 1.7 this season–big dip this season.

Nick you are right, I read it elsewhere as well and the response from Bravo.

Not in the least bit surprised. All the housewives shows lacks cleanliness by way of decency, harmony & comraderie. Not fun or interesting anymore.

Says the person on a “real housewives” thread board… Please b$tch please… You’re all kinds of up in the drama and loving it. Why else would you be on this board… Bye Felicia

Moron there are other things we watch on Bravo besides HW’s and you automatically gets these and why shouldn’t we express our disdain for this felon if we get the opportunity Guido!?!?

Stop being a douche Guido!

I like Tre but don’t be such a turd on here! We respect different opinions, it doesn’t mean we all have to think alike!

I used to watch RHONJ, but just can’t get myself to watch this season. I feel like Bravo is using Teresa and she is using them. IMO Teresa is being rewarded for going to prison and being a felon. I think Bravo thought everyone would want to see what happened to Teresa in jail, etc., but I don’t think most people really care. This show needs to go the route of RHOM (Miami)!



I’m waiting for Melissa and Joe Gorga to be the next ones investigated and convicted. Joe Gorga just seems way too dumb to have gotten that wealthy honestly.

It should be Jac and Chris first on Signature Apparel. Who knows why they have got away with it for so long!

I’m watching although I need to FF over Kathy and family! Also Jac, although I like Chris, I do pity him being married to that nutcase. Their sons are lovely boys. Nothing to be said about Ashlee! I’ve said it all before. Love Tre’s girls and Melissa’s Antonia not too sure about the boys yet but this season has only just started.

Kathy, Richie & Rosie should be a much bigger part of the show. They’re funny!

Melissa is a phony, Jacqueline is nuts, and I can’t stand Teresa. I will not watch this show again.

That wasn’t ME. I guess we have 2 daisies now

I’m guessing you are my Daisy as I don’t remember your name in pink before but wanted to check! Xxxxoooo

Morning sweet Suze . Hope all is good today . Yes that was me . The above is not . All though I agree with the first 2 parts of her comment but not the last

Morning Daisy! Thought this was you I also agree with first two parts only. Xoxoxxoxoxox❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Maybe I stole someone’s name . I’ve only been here a few months but I don’t recall seeing another Daisy though . If I did I have no problem in changing mine

I have never seen another Daisy before so I don’t think you have stolen anything!

You all make Teresa and her Family into these huge stars. People are sick of it. They are felons. Why are you obsessed with her? She is a liar, sneaky and not someone to trust. She looks Melissa in her eyes and is stabbing her in her back at the same time. Why does she not want any contact with her Cousins? Oh because they actually ask questions. Stop treating her like your BRAVO Goddess and maybe just maybe the ratings will get better. At least you did not have back the twins and their family. What a motley group… Read more »
Sorry but a blog is usually all opinions not just one! As for Tre and Melissa they have both done things to each other! Neither are innocent. You don’t like her that’s fine I do. I’m not saying she was innocent but she has done her time! A year away from her girls is enough! Now Joe is serving up to four years! As far as I am concerned people deserve a second chance. No one here on this blog that I have ever seen has made out any of these women are huge stars, they are just part of… Read more »

Frances, exactly. The people who like Teresa are the people who are like Teresa. Trash with no moral compass.

Oh wow I have never been called trash before! Why don’t you find another blog. What a stupid comment! You don’t know a thing about me or others here who like Tre so get stuffed! Disgusting comment!

Yep that’s me. Trash with no morals. Please don’t forget that I’m also an ass hole. Thanks

The nicest ass hole I have ever known!

Lol thanks sweet Suze

Suze I’m sorry , I had my head up my ass earlier in the day . I had meant to say that I think you’re all class and not trash ! !!Xoxo xoxo

That’s sweet maybe I had my head up my arse, being called trash made my day yesterday I haven’t laughed so much in ages! Pathetic comment! Pathetic commenter! Xoxoxoxoxo❤️❤️❤️❤️

I haven’t seen anyone sticking up for Teresa.

That gargoyle is a disgusting creature, so I don’t watch. I watched the end of the first episode but haven’t seen anything since nor do I plan to watch. I just read the blog here and post.

I think all the Housewives and worn out their welcome. We have enough negativity in the world to watch a bunch of fighting, immature, cackling hens fight all the time and flash their diamonds. It’s really over.


That’s why Dolores is so refreshing. She’s so positive & seems so nice & sincere.


I got Tre’s number right off the bat. She has no intention of really discussing what went on in the prison. She wants people to buy her book. Sorry Im keeping my 20 bucks for cocktails with my home girls. She has no intention of discussing what happened in the prison between her and the women and her and staff. WHy should she. She can just lie and of course her lies don’t come with consequences she gets away with anything and everything. When Bravo sits down and helps the cast decide on their storyline it ends up being the… Read more »

Kathy & Rosie are awesome. Richie’s facial expressions are classic!
I am more than sick of hearing about Teresa’s sexcapades in prison, though.

No, not surprised. Off the air for a year had me actually thinking they cancelled it. I’ve lost interest. I’ll be honest, though. The only two left that I watch are BH and NYC…and Vanderpump Rules.

Personally, I’m tired of hearing how Teresa is a criminal. Teresa did what MILLIONS of women do, let there husband handle the finances and just sign their name to documents without reading. Season 1, I remember Teresa asking Joe “how is business?”, he said fine. Teresa served her time. Thats more than other REAL criminals have done.