RHONJ Season 7 Filming Delayed To Capture Teresa’s Release From Prison?


A new report suggests we may finally have some answers as to what Bravo has decided to do about season 7 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. As we previously reported, the show was put on-hold after Teresa Giudice’s incarceration. The network hired a focus group to determine whether or not the show could continue without Giudice.

Now, a source reveals that the show is scheduled to start filming in April 2015. According to All About The Tea, the cast is expected to film for a couple of months and the last few episodes of the season will be all about Teresa’s release from prison.

It has been rumored that Caroline Manzo could return to the show to film with her sister Dina and sister-in-law, Jacqueline, and Danielle Staub has also expressed interest in returning to the show.

Do you agree with this decision? In our poll 82% of you said that you think Bravo should wait for Teresa to get out of prison before filming the new season. Sound off in our comments section!

Should Bravo wait for Teresa Giudice to get out of prison before filming next season of RHONJ?


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31 Replies to “RHONJ Season 7 Filming Delayed To Capture Teresa’s Release From Prison?”

  1. Why wait for the convicted felon to get out of prison, only to make her more popular and more of a TV personality than a has been? The who NJ series was full of thieves and wannabes

      1. A a shame to belittle the rest of the women. They are a part of the show. It would be no show if it was just Theresa talking to Theresa after all.

        1. Did you watch this season? It was boring as hell, even Teresa. Dina brought nothing to the table at all, same goes for Melissa, the twins were more annoying than anything and them trying to stay to the script that Bravo gave them was painfully obvious and the last one Amber was contrived unnecessery and her husbands hunger for fame is disgusting and needs to be cut from the show in my opinion asap because keeping them on would satisfy them and assholes doesn’t deserve that. However Teresa is the only one who actually had something deep to deliver to the show.

          1. You are so right. Amber and her schmuck husband are fame whores. Dina was as boring this season as she was her first season. The Manzos made the show. Teresa and her husband has stole from every law abiding American Citizen and shouldn’t get any air time for being theives. When they are sent back to Italy in shame, then show me that.

              1. Yes, I love it. Theresa and Joe should have to pay is restitution for all those years from stealing fr every law abiding CITIZEN. It just makes me sick when I think he came to this country and got all the benefits this country has and then to continuously repeatedly steal from every taxpayer and the government. He should be deported.

  2. You won’t know unless you try it with out her. I think there has been significant backlash against Teresa- especially because of her behavior since she’s been convicted. She hasn’t taken any real responsibility for her crimes and has just kept blaming others for her woes. It’s made fans mad and disgusted. Of course there are the die hard fans who stick by her no matter what she does- heck she could be a mass murderer and they would find reason to excuse her, but her dramatic drop in sales of her products says it all.

  3. So stupid. Do you think we really want to see that? She needs to go home and spend quiet family and reflection time. Bravo and Theresa are even dummer than I imagined. Let it go. Give them some time for sh$%# sake. You are not helping that family in the least by continuing to push this filming of a family in crisis.

  4. I don’t have anything against Teresa. But honestly I don’t feel the show completely doomed without her. So I think they should just go on and film. It could actually do as good or better than when she was on it.

  5. Seriously there isn’t any Housewife Franchise that is depending on just one House wife. And I love Lisa V. But if the Bravo execs are doing their jobs properly and spreading the filming around to all the ladies and getting great ladies on the shows ( like they did this year with Lisa R and Eileen)- people will watch.

  6. I’m SO disappointed more than 80% said to wait. #RHONJ is my fav & think it will do just as well without Teresa. That’s too long to wait, just my opinion! Bring them back.

  7. Teresa needs to concentrate on her daughters and rebuilding their lives. Filming and all the drama that comes with it is not healthy right now. Her girls need her. And her time needs to be devoted to them. I think she must sit one season out and maybe do a comeback story when things are more stable, if they will ever be.

  8. The Poll Results shows so if Bravo wants to keep ALL their Viewers I suggest they better look at the % #s on the Poll. That show will not make it and is NOTHING without TG. So what she as half the Country either has been arrested, convicted or has been in jail. Maybe that’s what people want to see. If you don’t like it don’t watch it. Only a few of you and big majority of us want her back, wants them to WAIT cause by God everyone else is boring.

    1. No problem they can start now!follow her in prison now ,since all the fans can’t wait it can be like one of those episodes of lock up.

    1. Seriously! The toll her “businesses” took, should be a good indicator that people are disgusted by her. If she is back, I will not be watching.

  9. I totally understand why plenty of people don’t like Teresa however I really don’t think the show will do well without her. I don’t think any of the other franchises rely so much on one cast member however since Danielle left, Teresa’s legal, financial and family issues became the show’s main storyline and Caro, Jac, Mel and Kath all seemed to be characters in Teresa’s life. Her friends turned enemies and her family.

  10. I’m done with RHONJ……it’s a total train wreck especially if they are going to wait for Teresa Giudice who stated in front of Judge Salas that Bravo RHONJ was a total sham. At that point she literally crapped all over her BRAVO BOSS and her fans who really belive that everything on the show was real and sincere.
    she is hateful towards her friends and family.

    1. She is a very hatefull and bitter person ,she is mad at the world for something shady she did,so just imagine her when she comes out of prison?when she gets out she needs to fully dedicate herself to her girls and stay out of the limelight,I don’t think it’s healthy for her to ever come back to rhonj,for her family sake.besides I don’t think Joe will be around for the filming for he might end up deported,if Teresa was to be on show she would need her trustee Lil stumpy hubby riding right along her side to have those ratings,it just wouldn’t be the same with out him.

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