RHONJ Season 6 Major Cast Shake-Up? Jacqueline Laurita, Kathy Wakile Reportedly Fired


With season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey wrapped, rumors about the cast for season 6 are already circulating. RumorFix reports the new season will have a major cast shakeup. Kathy Wakile will be downgraded to a “Friend of the Housewives,” Caroline Manzo is leaving the show (at least temporarily while she shoots her spin-off), Jacqueline Laurita has been fired, and a new Housewife will be joining the show. The site reports the new Housewife is someone we’ve seen before.

Do you believe these RHONJ casting rumors?

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12 Replies to “RHONJ Season 6 Major Cast Shake-Up? Jacqueline Laurita, Kathy Wakile Reportedly Fired”

  1. No I don’t believe this. If this is true then that would mean their would only be 3 housewives. I have a feeling tho based off of Jacquelines tweets that she is leaving.

  2. Glad to hear jac is not returning, she needs to focus on family. The wakilies are too nice to be in this whole mess (with the exclusion of rich). Caro & family are doing their thing, good for them. The guidices are going to prison, soon enough, Now get rid of the gorga clan too. New recast is in order.

    1. If Brutal Brutal bravo gets rid of Jacqueline and Caroline and Kathie that justs leaves the Guidices and the Gorgas and the same bulls__t we’ve had for the last 2 seasons and I can’t take any more of that nonsense. I will be signing off of this franchise.

  3. I hope this very much True, It’s about time Jac really needs to be with her son Nicholas at this time of need, Nicholas is still growing up an he needs his mom 24/7 day in day out to have his moms love and Attention to get through whatever he may need as Jacqeline can just Focus being a great mom to Nicholas. “Kathy well I’m going to be very Truthful about her she need to go for good it’s she has nothing anyone wants an that husband Rich of hers with that nasty dirty Mouth to all the women that comes around he Downgrades all of them an not because there is a Reason cuz he just feels like it an its gross everyone has said it all over Twitter an Facebook that’s how badly it is. But I’m happy Bravo an the Producers saw what we all have been seeing an telling them , Thank You Jesus, I had to say that lol But yes Thank You too Bravo …..

  4. I believe this as much as I believe that these series are real. Having said that, if they lose Rosie, they will lose the franchise in my opinion. I would love to see her on full time.

  5. Buh bye Jac. You don’t skip out on one of Andy’s reunion shows and expect to escape the wrath of Andy. You were somewhat safe when Andy’s fav housewife covered for you saying you were devastated and couldn’t function. That is until word got out you skipped the reunion to go hang out with Kim G. and get your drink on. Once Andy learned that you were doomed and even your “we decided to go public with Nicholas and his autism” couldn’t save you.

    1. Yes, it was disrespectful to Andy to not go to a reunion show Jacqueline. You have too many problems with your son and he needs you first and foremost. I did like you and enjoyed your banter with Theresa in the beginning.Good luck with your son. I have worked with aitististic children and it is very trying and they need constant structure in order to do well,so it is for the best. money and fame is not everything! good luck!
      Take care,

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