RHONJ Season 5 Reunion Loses 1 Million Viewers


It looks like fans of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are getting sick of the same ‘ol drama. Pay attention, Andy Cohen and Bravo. 1,002,000 viewers that watched the dramatic season 4 reunion did not tune in to watch part 1 of the season 5 reunion, according to BravoRatings. The site reports 2,491,000 viewers tuned in Sunday night where 3,407,000 tuned in to watch the drama unfold during season 4. The site does admit that 938,000 people caught the re-run at 9:30PM, but that is still a serious drop in ratings for the show and the network.

Are you surprised RHONJ has lost so many viewers?

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18 Replies to “RHONJ Season 5 Reunion Loses 1 Million Viewers”

  1. Let’s see…..ratings keep falling, HorseyFace’s book hasn’t even sold 1000 copies yet – – does Andy get it yet? Viewers are tuning out, time to redo this miserable cast or cancel this show.

  2. This is encouraging to hear. Hopefully Bravo will now pay attention. Next step will be to boycott all companies that advertise on Bravo next season if Teresa is brought back!

  3. There is a frustration I see among friends and myself who watch them, that’s growing weary of the show. Since drama was invented it’s been all about a morality play. One needs to see the villain get their comeuppance at some point. It’s part of the experience to become frustrated by the ‘bad guy’ getting away with something for a length of time (that’s the tension) but the payoff for the viewer comes when the tension is released – when the villain is confronted effectively. Andy Cohen should be playing the voice of the audience to give us that satisfaction, but he’s not. Instead of giving us any satisfaction at the yearly reunions he increases the frustration by seemingly avoiding when the truth is spoken. There is never ay satisfaction at the end of the season for the viewer and eventually that grows old.

  4. RHONJ has been played out in every way possible by BRAVO. The only thing that has kept anyone watching is the very real Federal Charges Teresa and Joe are facing. With that being said I also think at this point if BRAVO moves to continue to film this family with Four innocent children going through this mess you will continue to see a huge drop in viewers. It’s just NOT the right thing to do even if the dumb dumbs (Joe and teresa) agree to keep filming. It’s clear they are not capable of making good sound decisions for themselves and BRAVO needs to do the right thing here and let them go and deal with their issues and take care of their children in private, I can tell as a long time viewer of BRAVO I just couldn’t watch this season, aside from it being sad the whole show has become so “set up” and completely predictable, not to mention a non-stop infomercial for all their little product and book ventures. Less editing would be good too, everything is sooooo chopped up now, let us see some of the “real blunders”. All the shows are just stale and need some changes, all the shows are just too staged and scripted and none of these woman are very good actresses including NE NE! I would say the word to really think and focus on is “authentic” I realize you have to stir it up but sometimes less is more…..

  5. Not surprised at all by the fact that reunion #5 lost so many viewers. Watching Teresa gets boring after awhile. It’s great to see Rosie and Kathy evolve and blossom.

  6. Obviously the ratings are down, its been the same storyline for 3 seasons! There’s only so long BRAVO can keep feeding us the same bullshit before people get over it. I know the Teresa fans AND the Caro/ Melis/ Kath/ Jac fans (which ever you prefer) are tired of seeing the Gorga-Giudice drama, its played out and I would much rather see the families get along.

  7. Watching the last two seasons on the RHONJ has made me realize my family isn’t as dysfunctional as I thought we were! We may not live in mansions or drive $50,000 cars but we also aren’t facing 50 years in prison, bankruptcy or worry what one of the family maybe Tweeting, Face Booking or Blogging about us. Thanks Teresa for being such the lying, narcosistic piece of shit that you are! You have made me grateful to be part of an honest, moral and well adjusted family.

    1. The cars are much more than $50,000 but I guess you wouldn’t know. If you are doing so well why do you have time to comment? It’s sad that you are paranoid enough to think by watching these people you know them enough to render a verdict on their behavior. My husband’s cousins a producer for this show… you know nothing.

      1. Summer, I’m fairly certain your “husband’s cousin” (the producer) would appreciate it if you didn’t insult one of the dwindling viewers. It’s how he keeps his job. And if it’s true you are related to a producer ask him what the object of the show really is: It’s to get people talking and invested in these weirdos enough to keep watching and spreading the news to other potential viewers. It’s not to get people to love them. Anonymous was happy she has a decent family without all these problems these women create for themselves. Good for her! The fact that you think it’s of any consequence to know how much some dumb car is tells me I won’t be seeking your advice on how to conduct myself.

      1. I would prefer they continue to air New Jersey Housewives. I want to see the process these families undergo. I have faith that they will resolve a lot of their difficulties. I have my opinions about some members but who cares. We need to have a global view of these families’ issues.

  8. Andy took a ‘question’ from a caller in Winnipeg (that’s in Manitoba, Canada). The season JUST started there 2 wks ago. Just goes to show that even the reunion is fake. So much for “tweet me your questions” …

  9. It was much better when the ladies actually had fun together. I like living vicariously through them. Now, it’s just the same old same old fighting. I don’t mind the cast, but they need to bring back the fun!!!!

    1. You can’t watch the new season online in Canada … Bravo has it all figured out. I know all this b/c I have friends that live in Winnipeg.

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