RHONJ Reunion Part 1, Plus- Lauren Manzo Accuses Teresa Of Paying Writer To Write Her Bravo Blogs!

After an EXPLOSIVE first part of the three part Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion (Season 4), many of us were left speechless! There were so many low blows being thrown at all directions I could barely keep up. I will probably have to watch it back to take in everything that happened.

I loved the part when Andy called out Jacqueline for her odd/constant tweeting, because it can be extreme at times! But I have to say regardless of my feelings towards any of the ladies, the scene with Nicholas made me very emotional. I can’t imagine the struggles they are facing as parents, and regardless of how I feel about someone on a TV show, I wish them well in their journey.

The rest of the bullying and low blows about weight, intelligence, parents, and the deceased, I have nothing to say. I think it’s all disgusting, and the show has turned into something very dark, when it shouldn’t be.

When Lauren Manzo came out and started questioning Teresa’s blog and if she could spell the word ‘Napalm’ or define what it meant, Teresa asked Andy for the next question. So we decided to dig up the blog that Lauren was referring to. Here is a clip from it:

Teresa writes, “I would love to believe that Melissa has changed, has seen how contacting someone she thought was her own family member’s “worst enemy” is really not right (she was mistaken by the way; Danielle was never my enemy, she was Jacqueline’s), and wants to move forward. Except she keeps comparing her talking to Danielle with me talking to my own brother. Mine was a private conversation with my brother out of love like we’ve had many times with each other about each other’s spouses through the years. Melissa’s intent was to hurt me because she hated me. It’s not even apples and oranges. It’s more like Nair and Napalm.”

This blog was written on June 26th and is titled, ‘Crazy World.’ Apparently Lauren had come to the reunion trying to prove that Teresa pays a writer to write her blogs for her, because she couldn’t spell or answer what this word meant. Here is the full link to Teresa’s blog where she used the word Lauren is describing.

Click Here To Read Teresa’s Blog, Crazy Life


noun /ˈnāˌpä(l)m/

  1. A highly flammable sticky jelly used in incendiary bombs and flamethrowers, consisting of gasoline thickened with special soaps

verb /ˈnāˌpä(l)m/
napalmed, past participle; napalmed, past tense; napalming, present participle; napalms, 3rd person singular present

  1. Attack with bombs containing napalm

Tell Us- Do you think Teresa writes her own blogs?

Photo Credit: Bravo