RHONJ Recap: Teresa Giudice Confronts Kim D at POSCHE Fashion Show

After Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub planned to confront Kim DePaola over rumors that Teresa is cheating on her husband Joe, we prepare for this dramatic episode. Teresa, Melissa, Danielle and Margaret were all upset with Siggy and Dolores for walking in Kim’s fashion show that was a charity event. We watched the women “prepare to go into the lion’s den.”

Siggy and Dolores told Kim that Teresa reacted to the gossip by throwing a wine glass against the wall. But Dolores’ hairstylist admitted she saw Teresa with her alleged boyfriend last week. Lina, the stylist, claimed that Teresa was cuddling with her new man. Siggy defended Teresa, insisting that the rumor is false. She told Kim that she doesn’t like messing with anyone’s marriage. Dolores also defended Teresa saying she doesn’t believe Teresa is cheating on Joe.

Danielle told Margaret all about her last experience at a POSCHE event, which was having her hair pulled out of her head. Melissa warned Teresa about her probation and told her not to let the confrontation with Kim escalate.

Teresa, Melissa, Danielle and Margaret rode together to the POSCHE show. Melissa was nervous about the confrontation, but Danielle and Teresa were ready. Kim was not pleased when she saw the four women enter the room where the models were.

“Hi ladies, welcome to POSCHE fundraiser,” Kim said. “How are you?”

“I wanna talk to you,” Teresa told Kim, while Kim asked if they were all going to talk at the same time or just Teresa. “Are they scaring you or something?” Teresa asked.

“No problem, Kim said, I’ll take yous all. C’mon.”

Teresa began, “News came back to me from Dolores. Nobody is going to talk about my husband or me.”

“Too  bad,” Kim fired back.

“Too f*cking bad?” Teresa asked. “Kim you’re so f*cked up. You talked about my husband two years ago. Did you see him f*cking another girl.” When Kim answered no, Teresa continued, “Alright, then why so why are you talking about it?”

“Because I feel like it,” Kim replied. Teresa started calling Kim a dirty bitch and trash, Kim replied, “No, you’re a dirty bitch! I have girls, models here that saw you going out to clubs every freakin’ night.” Kim claimed she doesn’t have a husband or kids so she was allowed to go out to clubs, Melissa chimed in to defend Teresa, which only escalated the fight.

“I wanna f*cking straighten you out right now,” Teresa told Kim as they kept talking over each other. Kim said, “I wasn’t the one in jail, bitch.” When Teresa started to loser her temper, Kim said, “If you throw something at me, you’re leaving in handcuffs and going back where you were.”

This pissed the other women off. Margaret started to scream at Kim. Kim went to confront Danielle asking her if she had something to say, but Teresa insisted on finishing.

“Do you know what POSCHE stands for?” Teresa asked Kim. “Piece of sh*t, coke whore, home wrecker everyday.”

Kim told Teresa that she was barking up the wrong tree and Teresa said, “I’m here. Let’s go, baby, I’m here.”

Kim started to walk away, but scooted a chair towards Teresa. “I would love to pull you by the back of your f*cking hair,” Teresa yelled and she threw the chair back towards Kim. Teresa told Kim, “Come at me,” but Kim was escorted out by security.

“I set Kim D straight tonight,” Teresa told viewers. “Whatever Joe and I go through… it’s nobody’s business.”

Kim said she wanted the uninvited ladies out of her event, but Melissa was concerned about Siggy and Dolores. She asked them how they could still walk in the show, and this set Dolores off, who got in Melissa face.

“That’s what you guys are f*cking hang out with?” Teresa said to Siggy and Dolores. “F*ck you. Bye girls.”

Dolores admitted Kim went to far, but told viewers she doesn’t need to fight anyone else’s battles.

After leaving and arriving at Margaret’s house, Teresa told her friends that she wasn’t going to let anyone get away with what Kim did and that she felt better after the confrontation. Margaret said Kim looked scared and Teresa complained about Siggy and Dolores’ loyalty.

Teresa questioned whether or not she should go to Italy with Siggy and Dolores. She said that Dolores has not shown her loyalty and that they will have to come to her in order to make up.

What were your thoughts on this epic showdown?

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28 Replies to “RHONJ Recap: Teresa Giudice Confronts Kim D at POSCHE Fashion Show”

  1. Want to be charitable, sign a check and hand it to Kim as you exit the building and show support for your friend of over 20 yrs.. Not feeling Ziggy or Delores..

  2. I am so over Dolores. She was acting like a low-life thug. Acting like she’s the tough girl from Jersey, yet again. I would have smacked her overblown lips if I were Melissa. I am so sick of her and Siggy constantly spewing that they have Teresa’s back — they are only worried about themselves. If a friend of mine supported an evil woman like Kim D who talked smack about me and my family, those friends would no longer be my friends. Hope Teresa wakes up — I think Melissa is aware, but trying to get along for Tre’s sake. Siggy and Dolores need to be GONE!!!!

    1. Me too. & I have sounded off about her before. She is SUCH a phony, 1/2 Italian & 1/2 Irish hasn’t worked in law enforcement in 25 years, has had every plastic surgery known to man & does that deep dark tan plus man tan & then this phony story line about Frank moving back in (no he never reallyd id, go to his Facebook page & you will see proof). She owns a gym but never seems to work. She is besties with that other phony Caroline 1/16th Italian, Tummy Tuck Manzo, Both phony baloney mob wife wannabes. Kick her lifted butt off the show she is only loyal to the paycheck.

  3. While I do not like what Kim D has done…I am so over Teresa and her preaching about “loyalty”. Shes only loyal when it suits her. Where was her loyalty to Dolores when crazy Danielle accused her of talking about Teresa behind her back? I sure as hell would have believed my friend of 20+ years over Danielle….her history speaks for itself.

  4. I thought it was a typical Jersey episode and I can see both sides for Siggy, Delores and Teresa. I don’t think Delores cares two figs for Melissa and how could she after all Teresa has said and done with regards to her.

    What I found more interesting was the Psychic warning Joe and Teresa that their Dad was wanting to join their mother. Knowing what we know now, with him ending up in ICU, that moment was rather chilling for me.

  5. I really can’t stand Teresa. She is loyal to no one but expects everyone to be loyal to her. I don’t think the ladies should have walked in the fashion show. I agree with another person: they could have written a check. But then again, if not for the blowup at the fashion show, exactly what would we be watching.

    1. When Teresa and the gang were leaving the fashion show and Tre said something to Dolores and Siggy along the lines of “go be Kim D’s puppets”…all I could think of is when Tre, Kim D, Melissa’s old “best friend”, Penny and whomever else were all making up those lies about Melissa and trying to make her look bad. (Strippergate) Tre had puppets too. Now she is getting a taste of her own medicine.

  6. Well, I think that explains the “Scrapped Footage”. Andy and Melissa Gorga are being sued for $30 Million by Melissa’s former business partner.

    Saw it on Twitter. I don’t know if I can post a link here.

  7. I cannot watch this season as the show has turned into the Teresa show and I am not a fan. So no one is allowed to talk to people Teresa doesn’t like and if you do you are out of the gang? Why should any of these women care whether or not Teresa likes them? They all seem way to concerned about what Teresa thinks. Kim D seems like a ding bat…but why does Teresa give Kim so much screen time? It makes me think all of this is staged and planned or these women have the maturity level of 10 yr olds.

  8. I love the Irish. I’m 75% Italian & 25% Spanish so believe me, I don’t blame Dolores’s family origin, I blame her solely as the person she is. Not as Real as she’d like us to think.

  9. I agree Kim is a POS, but am I the only one that thinks both Delores and Siggy had Teresas back? I’m not sure what’s going on with Melissa but she was the one to get up in Delores’ face, not the other way around. She’s turned into a bit of a big mouth know it all. I guess it was alright when Teresa and Kim D were besties and bashed everyone.

    1. I agree! Teresa called Siggy and Dolores puppets, like I said in my comment above, Kim D, Penny, etc used to all be Teresa’s puppets when they were accusing Melissa of being a stripper. And OMG, how many blown up photos does Melissa need to have of herself? In the last scene of the episode when she is talking to Joe about the Milan trip…she has like 6+ huge photos of herself. Her and Tre are the same person….so self-absorbed/involved.

  10. I agree 100%! Every word! I never trusted Siggy& Dolores. They spent way 2much time with Wacko Jacqueline then ran 2 Teresa’s. Dolores really gets on my nerves. When Frank told them abt having Teresa’s back the look on Dolores face was telling. Funny that Siggy is afraid of going 2 Italy without Dolores bc she said the others wud laugh & talk abt her! What R we 10 yrs old? But she tells Teresa that she acts diff when she’s with the others. She can’t be without Dolores? That is nuts. I thought Siggy was a strong woman! Something she preaches non-stop! These 2 morons need 2B gone. They R toxic & that’s why they get along with Kim D. I wud have made a B-line 4the door the minute she spoke abt my friend! Of course after I gave her a piece of my NY mind! Ha,Ha! I’m out guys! Peace! Happy Holidays!

  11. I’m not sure. The website I saw this on shows a copy of it (with some parts blocked out) and shows it was entered on 12/6/2017 in the United States District Court for Southern District of Florida.

      1. I’m not sure. Jackie Beard Robinson owns a boutique called Ginjer in Delray Beach Florida. The article said she was Melissa’s former business partner in the boutique Envy and she filed suit in Florida alleging defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. I guess time will tell.

  12. Hi Minx,
    Delores said it wasn’t true right off the bat. However countless times i’ve seen Teresa sit and say nothing when her “friends” .. “soldiers” bad mouthed her so called friends. Including her own sister in law. I can say IMO I would rather have Siggy and Delores as friends than Teresa hands down.

    I agree, how self absorbed can one person be!

    Heres the difference between Delores, Siggy and Teresa and Melissa… where did all of T and M friends go? Kathy and Richie, Jacqueline and Chris etc. Delores and Siggy are still friends with all of them.. that’s a true friend, not a fair weather friend. 🙂 My opinion

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