RHONJ Recap: Season 8 Reunion Part 2

Part two of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired tonight and it started with a battle between Teresa Giudice and Kim D.

Teresa accused Kim of being a “madame” for a prostitution company she allegedly runs. Melissa Gorga agreed with her sister-in-law’s accusations that shocked everyone.

“You wanna take jabs at my f*cking marriage, I’ll f*cking take jabs at you!” Teresa yelled. “You mess with me, bitch, and you go right back to jail!” Kim fired back. “Clink, clink!”

Danielle Staub and Melissa tried to get Teresa to calm down. “You’re lucky I’m on f*cking probation, bitch!” Teresa shouted as she sat back down.

As for Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania’s friendship with Kim, Teresa said, “They see her track record.”

“No, they see your track record,” Kim fired back, “You’re the one who goes through friends like underwear, honey. I have friends since I was 8 years old. You have no friends!”

Melissa and Teresa also questioned Kim’s charity Posche event this season, claiming that Kim had pocketed more money than she should have.

“I can’t believe I’m defending myself about a fundraiser,” Kim said. “That’s disgusting.”

“Oh, that’s disgusting?!” Teresa interrupted. “For you to say the shIt that you say — that’s not disgusting?! To f*cking ruin families?! That’s not disgusting?!”

Melissa tried to be calm and level with Kim. “Is it fair to say you do like to stir the pot?”

“I don’t mind stirring it, no,” Kim admitted.

“You come for the jugular,” Melissa said. “You come for family aspects that are unforgivable.”

Kim’s defense for spreading rumors Teresa was cheating on her husband Joe was, “Well, I thought that you were seeing somebody.”

Next, Siggy was in the hot-seat and as she sparred with Margaret Josephs, she brought up an impending lawsuit against Margaret for $9 million. Margaret explained that because her company was sued for copyright infringement by Vineyard Vines, over their use of a similar little whale. She maintains this is “common business practice” in their industry. “Everything that I teach my kids not to be is her,” Siggy yelled.

It was time for Dolores Catania to face-off with Danielle Staub and it was all about the topic of Dolores allegedly telling Danielle Teresa only cared about money. Danielle denied making the story up, and Dolores recalls having a conversation over the phone with Danielle, on the way to her house.

“I don’t think any of your intentions were ill,” Danielle explains. But the argument went south and Danielle tells Dolores to shut up, and Dolores calls her a “skank.”

After Danielle took a break, the Hitler comments were brought up for discussion. Margaret explained that when she compared Kim D to Hitler she was making an analogy about how you should judge others on how they treat everyone, not just you.

“Did Kim D. build concentration camps?” Siggy asks, rhetorically. “We don’t know,” Teresa jokingly added.

Andy Cohen, who is Jewish, admits he is Team Marge on this one, explaining that both he and his parents were not offended by what she said. Margaret apologized, but Siggy wasn’t buying it. “Shame on you!” she yelled.


10 Replies to “RHONJ Recap: Season 8 Reunion Part 2”

  1. Siggy is as delusional as they come and Delores is the skank for stating she likes getting Danielle there (something to that effect) with a smug smile on her face.
    To purposely try to hurt someone, and then rejoice about it makes me want to smack that smile off her face.

  2. I thought there was way too much yelling. Really didn’t feel anyone got their points across bc of that. Here’s to hoping next season is much better!

  3. This show is trashy, trashy, trashy. Not one of them, except maybe Melissa, has any class. I’m so sorry Margaret didn’t rise above Siggy’s B.S. Siggy has some serious mental health issues. I lost a lot of respect for Delores last night too. But then, Jersey has been about yelling and screaming from the very start. I don’t know why I’m surprised.

  4. I think I will skip watching my TIVO of RHWNJ. It does not even begin to sound appealing listening to an hour of screaming and bitching about nothing.

    1. I actually felt guilty having that on. All they did was scream and swear. I was ashamed to even have it on. That was really vile.

    2. It was uncomfortable to watch. All Siggy did was scream and yell and wouldn’t let anyone talk. She seriously has issues. I’m so glad she won’t be back next season.

  5. They are so setting the stage to bring on Kim D. as a full time HW; presumably as Dolores’s “friend”, considering virtually everyone else would just as soon shoot her than look at her.

  6. I didn’t mind this season, although it was usually the same topic. I liked Siggy last season, this one she seemed to come unhinged, we’ve seen this with other housewives that have come in later, off the top of my head, Kelly Bensimone, Carlton Gebbia, Cindy Barshop to name a few. Siggy did the right thing leaving IMO.
    I don’t think Dolores has a strong enough story line to stay, Melissa is boring now but I like Joe, he’s funny. Marg worked her way in pretty strong, she’ll probably stay. I’m curious what next season will be like, who will stay and if there will be a new housewife!!

  7. Gosh, was it that bad flu going around? I really hope you are better as you said. Must have zapped you, please be careful.
    As for what you said, I agree completely on every level.
    Ziggy is the last person to ever give life advice, she is sick to the core & behaves like street trash just to be relevant.
    Like you, my blood never took to Kim D, she is truly what I would term a “nasty woman”.
    I,too never liked Melissa, but this season I do as well.
    These housewives shows looks like they mostly have a pass to acting like women behaving badly & it is sickening.
    So happy to see you, really missed you & some of the regulars. Please stay well, you are much loved, 3 D’s.

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