RHONJ Recap: Season 8 Reunion Part 1

Part one of the season eight Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired tonight and in case you missed it, we will tell you everything that happened.

The women seemed to be in a worse place than when the season finale happened, about the only two that were still on good terms were Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga.

Margaret Josephs revealed that her ex-step-children were still not speaking to her, even after the episode aired where she talked about the pain she feels from not having them in her life. Things were not okay between Siggy Flicker and Margaret. Dolores Catania and Siggy both thought Danielle Staub was gross. There was still bad blood between Melissa and Siggy over Cake-gate, and the mere mention of Kim D.’s name set-off Teresa’s temper.

“The only genuine thing you’ve said to me this season is that you are trying to destroy me,” Margaret said to Siggy when Andy Cohen asked about their relationship. Siggy didn’t deny Margaret’s accusation. Instead she shrugged and said something about being Israeli. Margaret admitted she felt they had both been to blame, Siggy insisted she never instigated things between them.

Margaret insisted that when she made comments about Siggy crying all the time, she was “ridiculing” Siggy’s behavior, not her “medical condition.” Margaret added, however, that she felt Siggy’s tendency to blame her “instability” on menopause was “victimizing.” Somehow, this led to a fight about who had a worse foyer and Siggy screaming at Margaret that her husband had shot a bear “like Elmur Fudd.”

Teresa was asked how things will change when her husband Joe arrives home from prison. She said, “I guess when he comes home, he has a lot of making up to do. I was hurt and a lot of anger came out.” She also dodged a question about whether she would move to Italy with Joe if he were to be deported. “Whatever God has planned for me, that’s what will happen,” Teresa said.

We also learned that Danielle had sex with her boyfriend in the bathroom at the Gorga’s restaurant opening. Dolores and Siggy both thought that was “100% inappropriate and disgusting.” We exclusively reported about this prior to the episode airing.

When the conversation turned to #cakegate, Melissa insisted that she didn’t understand why Siggy was so upset. Siggy said that she owned that she had made a mistake by later calling Melissa out in front of a room full of people. “It was humiliating. I was embarrassed,” Melissa said. Margaret then told Siggy she should be on The Real Housewives of Bellevue. Siggy called Margaret “thirsty” for attention and Margaret said Siggy was “pathetic.”

As the first part of the reunion wrapped up, Andy revealed that Kim D was going to join the stage. “I guess they let the animal out of the cage,” Teresa quipped. As Kim D strolled out, Teresa added, “I thought this was The Real Housewives of New Jersey, not Tales from the Crypt.” Andy replied by warning Teresa to stay on the couch.

What did you think of this reunion?


25 Replies to “RHONJ Recap: Season 8 Reunion Part 1”

  1. You totally left out Marg saying to Siggy that she is not an educated relationship expert Siggy trying to drown out what Marg was saying by being louder..Marg calling out Fake relationship expert was halirious as can be.
    Siggy has humiliated herself but Marg took the Cake !

  2. Siggy had a chance to really gain some traction back after a very sloppy season…and she totally blew it. Ever since her crazy turn at the Gorga’s opening, I have lost respect for her. Not having a uterus is the least of her problems. The only thing she can possibly do now is exit the show and maybe, someday in the future, come back when and if she regains her senses.

  3. Siggy is completely unhinged. Her behaviour was juvenile at best, psychotic at worst. Siggy owns NOTHING!

    That being said, we saw more of the true Margaret tonight and it wasn’t pretty. She should never engage with Siggy and lower herself. If she had sat quietly and responded calmly she would have made Siggy look even more unhinged. Instead, she threw insults and lowered herself to Siggy’s level and they both came off poorly.

    I don’t recall ever seeing a reunion with this much venom. I felt even Teresa and Melissa were simmering just under the surface. I don’t feel their relationship is genuine. I also feel that Teresa gets a free pass from all the other HWs because she is undoubtedly the star of the show. (I’m a big Tre fan and have been since the beginning)

  4. What a reunion, part 1. Hatred spewed full force. Ziggy should not be counselling people, she should be in counselling.
    Danielle doing what she did in the resturant rest room was juvenile behavior.
    The entire band of them & their behavior lacks total class & too much venom.

  5. Siggy is an immature, obnoxious person. Her gestures, eye rolling, talking over people, being hypocritical when pointing out others’ faults when she’s done the same were unbearable. I cannot believe that any person in their right mind would pay her to give advice on their relationships. She can’t handle her own life, why would she think she can advise others? I was screaming at the TV last night — I would have put her in her place. And as for Dolores, she has the nerve to complain that Danielle was butting in where she wasn’t involved — didn’t she keep interjecting herself when people were arguing with Siggy? I will wait and see how Dolores handles herself next year without Siggy, but not hopeful. I am so glad Siggy is gone!

    1. Yes! Delores’ issue with Daniel is her past history with Tre. Delores wasn’t there. Why is she butting in? I still don’t trust Danielle as far as I can throw her, but Delores was out of line.

  6. Did I hear correctly that Danielle asked the Gorgas if it would be okay to have sex in their bathroom? Who does that?

    1. That was a rumor floating around in late summer…she was allegedly caught having a quickie with her guy in the powder room of restaurant during the opening.

      1. Also, someone said that her having sex was a Health Dept matter and Melissa spoke up and said it was a private party.

  7. Huh? Wait, when did this come on? Last night? I was too much in a rush to watch Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story on the Versace Murder (at the crack ‘dawn before work) it didn’t even occur to me the RHoNJ already aired! I’m interested to see what Kim D. will have to say – she seems to have a lot of tough girl bravado going on knowing that Teresa has those incarceration issues!

  8. That was possibly the best reunion we’ve seen, at least in a very long time. It started with a bang, and ended with an explosion. Marge was on fire and it crystal clear that the hate between she and Soggy is real. It’s also very apparent that one of them had to go. Bye Soggy~

  9. The thing that was truly striking to me about the reunion was Siggy’s inability for any type of self reflection. She cannot even begin to see that, perhaps, she may have made some mistakes and may have been hurtful to others. To say you’re sorry if someone took things the wrong way and felt bad is no apology at all. For all of her yelling “I OWN IT” Siggy, in fact, owns none of her behavior and I believe she needs some real psychological help – STAT.

    1. Siggy can’t own anything cause people like her,,,narcissistic….overbearing….attention ho…..can’t face the truth about themselves. If she did, she’d have to admit that deep down she doesn’t know her (authentic) worth. She blasts her overconfidence like a self protective shield. She’s all outer confidence….all hyperbole. Sad honestly, she’s the grand marshal of her own Siggy parade.

  10. I really wish one of the other women would just slap the hell out of Kim D since Teresa is on probation. That woman will say and do anything for some coins. But she will most definitely press charges..

  11. Really hope Siggy isn’t back next year…she doesn’t add anything other than outrageous comments and it’s just plain boring to watch

  12. Well now that I’ve seen it, boy was that a doozy! I was thoroughly entertained by all the Cuckoo, but I cannot abide by that thing Kim D. She’s absolutely atrocious!

    1. There’s an evil villain she reminds me of. You know Frank who posts here? Frank Heider somethin somethin..? Check out his avatar….she looks like she could be that villain’s sister. whew

      1. Ok I had to come back after watching the part 2 reunion trailer. I’ve decided the jersey housewives show and their cast are just a little cleaned up ….a little….cleaned up version of Mob Wives. Kim D is being accused of being a madam and according to the clip she didn’t look surprised or deny it. Good Lord what am I feeding my brain watching this stuff

  13. I totally agree. She’s so drama thirty and a coward at the same time. I know it makes good ratings to have her show up at the reunion, but it’s unfair to put Teresa in that situation.

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