RHONJ Recap: Season 8 Reunion Part 1

Part one of the season eight Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion aired tonight and in case you missed it, we will tell you everything that happened.

The women seemed to be in a worse place than when the season finale happened, about the only two that were still on good terms were Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga.

Margaret Josephs revealed that her ex-step-children were still not speaking to her, even after the episode aired where she talked about the pain she feels from not having them in her life. Things were not okay between Siggy Flicker and Margaret. Dolores Catania and Siggy both thought Danielle Staub was gross. There was still bad blood between Melissa and Siggy over Cake-gate, and the mere mention of Kim D.’s name set-off Teresa’s temper.

“The only genuine thing you’ve said to me this season is that you are trying to destroy me,” Margaret said to Siggy when Andy Cohen asked about their relationship. Siggy didn’t deny Margaret’s accusation. Instead she shrugged and said something about being Israeli. Margaret admitted she felt they had both been to blame, Siggy insisted she never instigated things between them.

Margaret insisted that when she made comments about Siggy crying all the time, she was “ridiculing” Siggy’s behavior, not her “medical condition.” Margaret added, however, that she felt Siggy’s tendency to blame her “instability” on menopause was “victimizing.” Somehow, this led to a fight about who had a worse foyer and Siggy screaming at Margaret that her husband had shot a bear “like Elmur Fudd.”

Teresa was asked how things will change when her husband Joe arrives home from prison. She said, “I guess when he comes home, he has a lot of making up to do. I was hurt and a lot of anger came out.” She also dodged a question about whether she would move to Italy with Joe if he were to be deported. “Whatever God has planned for me, that’s what will happen,” Teresa said.

We also learned that Danielle had sex with her boyfriend in the bathroom at the Gorga’s restaurant opening. Dolores and Siggy both thought that was “100% inappropriate and disgusting.” We exclusively reported about this prior to the episode airing.

When the conversation turned to #cakegate, Melissa insisted that she didn’t understand why Siggy was so upset. Siggy said that she owned that she had made a mistake by later calling Melissa out in front of a room full of people. “It was humiliating. I was embarrassed,” Melissa said. Margaret then told Siggy she should be on The Real Housewives of Bellevue. Siggy called Margaret “thirsty” for attention and Margaret said Siggy was “pathetic.”

As the first part of the reunion wrapped up, Andy revealed that Kim D was going to join the stage. “I guess they let the animal out of the cage,” Teresa quipped. As Kim D strolled out, Teresa added, “I thought this was The Real Housewives of New Jersey, not Tales from the Crypt.” Andy replied by warning Teresa to stay on the couch.

What did you think of this reunion?