RHONJ Recap: Episode 3 – The Apology

Siggy Flicker was the one who brought Margaret Josephs into the fold with the other RHONJ women. But after this Wednesday’s episode, it appeared Siggy wishes she could have Margaret kicked out of the group.

Margaret ended up throwing a surprise memorial ceremony for Teresa Giudice’s late mother during the trip to Boca Raton, Florida, without letting Siggy know. Siggy and Dolores decided to skip going to the beach day outing thinking it was just a yoga trip.

“I want to take and pull on those pigtails until they come out of her head,” Siggy told Teresa about Margaret, who is the self-described, “Powerhouse in Pigtails.”

“I can’t stand the bitch,” Siggy said. “Every time I open up my mouth, she’s giving me another dagger. I hate the f*cking bitch. Margaret and her pigtails can go f*ck themselves.”

This comes after Margaret made fun of Siggy for getting upset with Teresa and Melissa Gorga for having a playful fight with the $1,000 custom birthday cake Siggy bought for Melissa. “Why cry about a cake?” Margaret wondered. “Siggy, better known as ‘Soggy Flicker’ with all the crying.”

“I’m angry and livid over Margaret,” Siggy, said during this week’s episode of RHONJ. “She’s calling me ‘Soggy Flicker?’ What’s her excuse for being mean?”

Then we have Margaret’s launch party for her new fashion collection, and as you can imagine Siggy was less than thrilled to attend the event.

“I feel like you slighted me,” Siggy said to Margaret when she called with the invitation. “You didn’t really care about your friend Siggy who introduced you to everybody else. And then on top of that, you calling me ‘Soggy Flicker,’ I didn’t appreciate that. Have a great life, goodbye!”

Margaret didn’t even act upset by what Siggy had just said before hanging up the phone.

“She was unhinged,” Margaret said to her family, before admitting, “I’m always the bigger person. I can move past anything.”

Margaret got the opportunity to patch things up with Siggy, as the two met at a restaurant. But Margaret wasn’t looking for an apology.

Margaret explained to Siggy that she didn’t know she wasn’t coming to the beach until they were already there.

She explained the lack of invite by saying that she didn’t know Flicker wasn’t coming to the beach until they were already there. Margaret added that “it wasn’t intentional” and it wasn’t a “big deal” that Siggy had introduced her to the group.

Margaret stood by saying ‘Soggy Flicker,’ adding that it was “f*cking hilarious” and that the nickname was like ‘A Joan Rivers line.’ ”

“My timing is f*cking perfect. I’m like Joan Rivers. I’m sorry, it’s funny,” Margaret said, debating Siggy’s claim that she was more like the late comedian. “I’ve been at a million parties at her house before she passed away. I’m just saying, you’re no Joan Rivers.”

Towards the end of the meal, Margaret confronted Siggy for talking bad about her to Teresa saying, “That’s not very women-empowering, you talk the talk but you don’t walk the walk. I’m shocked at your hypocrisy. You have to be able to laugh at yourself as much as you laugh at everyone else.”

Siggy responded saying, “When I’m angry, I’m not trying to empower you, I’m trying to destroy you, you should be on medication. You have no heart.”

As the two women kept going back and fourth Siggy admitted that she is getting a hormone replacement procedure, in the form of “pellets on [her] ass,” before breaking down in tears.

“You are a wise ass,” Siggy told Margaret. “I don’t think you realize how sensitive I really am. I just felt like, ‘Margaret really doesn’t know me.’ And you know what, I don’t really know you.”

Once Margaret saw Siggy crying she finally threw her a bone.

“Don’t cry. Now I am going to feel bad. Now I’m not going to say something snotty. Don’t get me crying myself. I’m a f*cking wise ass but I would never want to hurt your feelings,” Margaret told Siggy. “Yeah, I had assumptions about you and you had assumptions about me. And you know, we’re dating. But my intention was never ever to make you cry. My intention is to f*cking be funny. And I am funny, I don’t care. I’m very sorry that I hurt you. And that is a true apology. I don’t want to ever take a girl down ever.”

At the end of it all the two ladies decided to try and move forward with Margaret admitting “That’s just my thing, I’m f*cking obnoxious, I can’t help it,” and Siggy added, “I’m not going to get as offended.”

But Siggy will still be keeping a distance from Margaret saying to viewers, “I’m not going to let her so close, I’m going to keep her at arms length, baby steps.”

What did you think of this week’s episode of RHONJ? Let’s chat about it.

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  1. I’m living for this Margaret person … she is why reality TV was created. She’s witty, and quick and not afraid to come for someone, but not in a mean way. As far as I’m concerned, she’s a keeper. In fact, Tre and Melissa are looking as dull as dishwater with these new women, and Danielle hasn’t even gotten started yet!

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