RHONJ Ratings Continue To Drop


The Real Housewives of New Jersey is still plummeting in the ratings, as only 2,099,000 viewers tuned in for Part 2 of the reunion, giving it a low score of 0.90 in the 18 to 49 year old demographic, BravoRatings reports. The site reports season 4’s thee part reunion special “scored demo ratings of 1.70, 1.60 & 1.60 and the two from Season 3 both scored 1.70′s. With last week’s Part 1 scoring just a 1.10, and thus the two episodes averaging a demo rating of 1.0, that translates to a massive 38.9% reduction in the 18 to 49 year old viewers who have stayed with this show from last year.”

As expected, fans didn’t tune in to Monday night’s RHONJ Tell-All special either. 946,000 viewers (Demo 0.40) watched the lost footage, which explains why Bravo isn’t giving the show a compete cast re-boot, as we previously, EXCLUSIVELY reported.

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  • Anonymous

    When is Andy and Bravo going to realize that the rating have dropped because of Teresa Giudice. Not Jac, Calolive or Kathy!

  • mike’s mom

    who wants to see the same thing every yr? we know. that bravo and andy were going to make teresa look bad again why watch the usual constant fighting. its always same, just too much tension.why can’t we see what actually took place,not what bravo wants us to see.

  • Anonymous

    Why is this site blocking my comments??
    Take a stand and refuse to support a network that continues to employ a criminal that has been indicted on 39 counts of fraud!
    It is time to start emailing and calling companies that advertise on Bravo and their affiliates!
    Would you continue to support a network or endorsers that employs someone charged with 39 counts of child molestation or 39 counts of murder?
    While Teresa and Joe have not been accused of molesting children or murdering anyone, they have been charged with 39 counts of fraud and theft. Their crimes have and will continue to cost tax payers millions of dollars.
    A crime is a crime and we as the consumer/tax payer should stand up and tell Bravo that we will not continue to support their network if they continue to employ Teresa Giudice.

    • AllThingsRH

      Just because it’s on every page. I’ve approved a lot of the same comments and it is spamming up the comments section.