RHONJ Producers To Drop Bomb On Season 5 Cast!


As we have previously reported, the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey have made amends with each other after two Seasons of war, but producers are getting ready to drop a bomb! “Everyone is afraid of what is coming up next,” an insider tells RadarOnline.

“This season started out with everyone fighting, and things got so bad that they were all forced into therapy with each other, which worked for a while. But now they’ve all heard that there is going to be a major explosion as the season ends, and they don’t know what the producers or their enemies have in store for them,” the insider continues.

As we reported, former RHONJ, Danielle Staub IS returning to Season 5 to make an appearance, and as we EXCLUSIVELY told you she will be filming as early as next week.

“They know that the season will end will massive fireworks, and they’re all prepping themselves to be blindsided by the drama that can be introduced,” the insider tells Radar.  “The show thrives on drama, so everyone getting along isn’t going to be a good ending. Teresa, Melissa and Jacqueline fighting is ratings gold, and they know that so they’re waiting for the drama to start.”

Bravo will wrap filming Season 5 at the end of April… stay tuned.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • judy@london

    I love all of the Bravo shows but honestly,I don’t know how much longer I’ll watch the New Jersey franchise.These people are FAMILY,I watch to be entertained,not to see a family COMPLETELY torn apart.Maybe I’ll just stick to the other shows and leave this one alone,I felt sick to my stomach all last season.

  • Lolaz963

    This IS the reality of this family, …like many others. Feel lucky that your family not like this. I enjoyed the show, …why,…because my family is pure chaos as well….makes me feel a little better. Lol

  • stacey

    I agree Jersey actually gave me stress. I can not watch another season of Teresa being blamed for everything, and Melissa getting the good edit. As much as bravo wants us to think she is betty home maker. I do not bye it one bit. I am really not sure I will watch. Maybe just read the blogs.

  • Trixie

    I’ve stopped watching Jersey all together, roughly 2 seasons ago. Can’t stand Teresa!!

  • Paulette Greene_Wallace

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