RHONJ Producers Defend Caroline Manzo!

A lot of viewers have called Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Caroline Manzo a bully. While she defends herself saying she is absolutely NOT a bully, some fans still think they have seen a very different side to Caroline on Season 4, in particular when it comes to former friend Teresa Giudice. She seems angry, bitter, and mean. Caroline herself has said, “I don’t like the Caroline Manzo on Season 4.”

Now Bravo Producers are coming to her defense, tweeting, “@CarolineManzo bullying @Teresa_Giudice is laughable. They both can hold their own, trust us on that one! #RHONJ” If you read the rest of @PurveyorsofPop’s timeline they seem to be pretty chummy with The Manzo’s, Laurita’s, Gorga’s, and Wakile’s. While all tweets about Teresa seem to be sarcastic.

Tell Us- Do you think producers are being biased?

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6 Replies to “RHONJ Producers Defend Caroline Manzo!”

  1. Teresa should get her own show on another network same time slot
    And shove it to bravo . They all eat lobsters with champagne on
    The money she brings them.

  2. *LOL* well if they did not learn their lesson the first time around when some were fired, then maybe they will once they are all looking for new jobs.

  3. I’m on neither side to be hneost-Teresa wrote a poorly humourous quip about Caroline, even though it was unmalicious it still offended another person, also I doubt she seeked out Caroline’s permission to have her named used in the book.However, Caroline is making a mountain out of a moehill, Teresa made one iffy remark but it wasnt that offensive. Teresa apologized to Caroline, Caroline should have accepted it and ended it.If your asking who I like more as a person, hands down its Teresa- Sure she can say cruel things in the heat of the moment and sure she has a big stubborn streak BUT shes genuine, she’s loyal to her family and friends, she doesnt meddle in other people’s affairs, she’s an extremely hard worker and just an all around decent person.Caroline on the other hand I cant stand her, she comes off as very controlling, “my way is the highway, and if you dont like it get off the road” type attitude. I also hate how she meddles in other peoples’ business and looks her nose down upon others as well when they dont live up to her standards. I couldnt stand it when she called Danielle garbage, downright uncalled for. Now if someone called Caroline that, she’d be screaming mad and probably getting her husband to order a hit on you lol.I heard a rumour that Caroline and Jaqueline were told by Bravo that if they didnt start bringing the drama for Season 4 then they would be fired. I’m wondering if Caroline is just playing this up in order to keep her job, because really I cant see someone being THAT worked up over a quote like this “Caroline is 1/16th italialian”.

  4. I cringe every time I watch Teresa Giudice, she’s turning the other cheek again and again while the plump little midget she’s married to cheats on her time and time again. Teresa sinks to a new low each season, it’s not only sad, it’s pathetic. She couldn’t possibly watch herself each week, if she did she’d follow the advice of many and get off of television and focus on the MANY problems in her life and her children. Unfortunately I don’t think the woman is educated enough to rely on any skills other than being a trainwreck that people love to watch crash over and over.

  5. It doesn’t matter what any of you teresa haters, melissa and caroline lovers have to say. Bottom line is, teresa included, none of those women are right in the head. Caroline IS a bully and looks down on anyone she doesn’t approve of. Jacqueline seems to have some mood control issues and needs to be medicated. Melissa is a pathological liar who clearly doesn’t care about her family, otherwise she wouldn’t have come onto a reality show known for conflict with her sister-in-law with whom she already had problems. Kathy is tolerable but has no problem silently stiring the pot with her family’s problems for ratings. Although I don’t agree with all of teresa’s actions she is the only likeable person on the show and from what I have seen, the others have been far worse to her then she has been today. They are jealous that despite all that has happened, T is still the star of the show so they’ve ganged up on her to take her down. All they proved on the reunion is that they are no better then she is. Bottom line THERE IS NO SHOW WITHOUT TERESA. #TeamTeresa for life

  6. Caroline is not a bully? Of course she is….from Season 1.

    She said she was finished after Season 3, and there she is again.
    I doubt it was the viewers choice.

    She’s just not entertaining. I no longer watch the show but read the blogs.
    They’re all the same anyway.

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