RHONJ Not Being Cancelled Because Of Teresa Giudice’s Incarceration


With Teresa Giudice serving her 15-month prison sentence, a new report claims that Bravo is considering canceling The Real Housewives of New Jersey. A source insists that producers believe without Teresa there isn’t a show.

“At this point, The Real Housewives of New Jersey is essentially done,” one insider claims. “Bravo has considered all of their options and they don’t feel like there is really a show without Teresa. Whether the other women want to admit it or not, she is the star of the franchise. The show simply wouldn’t be the same without her.”

“Realistically, she wouldn’t even be able to begin filming until 2016,” the insider told RadarOnline. “Filming typically takes 4-6 months, and then production still has to edit the footage. That would be way too long of a delay for the series.”

But the site says that another source shares that the show is just on hold.

“No one has begun filming for RHONJ,” the source said. “The future of the RHONJ is clearly in jeopardy, as there hasn’t been any talk about beginning anytime soon.”

Although Teresa’s incarceration has been bad for the network, the insider claims they are ready to part ways with the Giudices.

“Bravo is done with Teresa and wants nothing to do with her family,” an insider said. The whole legal drama “was too much negative press, and the Giudices were always demanding more and more money. It just wasn’t worth it.”

I reached out to one of our insiders who tells us, “This report is absolutely false. Bravo has not made a decision whether or not they will continue the show. There is no reason for them to cancel RHONJ.”

Our source continues, “They do not start filming the new season until October or November and Teresa is expected out by Christmas at the latest. They might be able to include her in the filming, she will need the money and ratings would skyrocket.”

Our source also adds that Bravo could include Teresa in the show by using flashbacks until she is released.

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Photo Credit: Bravo



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