RHONJ Not Being Cancelled Because Of Teresa Giudice’s Incarceration


With Teresa Giudice serving her 15-month prison sentence, a new report claims that Bravo is considering canceling The Real Housewives of New Jersey. A source insists that producers believe without Teresa there isn’t a show.

“At this point, The Real Housewives of New Jersey is essentially done,” one insider claims. “Bravo has considered all of their options and they don’t feel like there is really a show without Teresa. Whether the other women want to admit it or not, she is the star of the franchise. The show simply wouldn’t be the same without her.”

“Realistically, she wouldn’t even be able to begin filming until 2016,” the insider told RadarOnline. “Filming typically takes 4-6 months, and then production still has to edit the footage. That would be way too long of a delay for the series.”

But the site says that another source shares that the show is just on hold.

“No one has begun filming for RHONJ,” the source said. “The future of the RHONJ is clearly in jeopardy, as there hasn’t been any talk about beginning anytime soon.”

Although Teresa’s incarceration has been bad for the network, the insider claims they are ready to part ways with the Giudices.

“Bravo is done with Teresa and wants nothing to do with her family,” an insider said. The whole legal drama “was too much negative press, and the Giudices were always demanding more and more money. It just wasn’t worth it.”

I reached out to one of our insiders who tells us, “This report is absolutely false. Bravo has not made a decision whether or not they will continue the show. There is no reason for them to cancel RHONJ.”

Our source continues, “They do not start filming the new season until October or November and Teresa is expected out by Christmas at the latest. They might be able to include her in the filming, she will need the money and ratings would skyrocket.”

Our source also adds that Bravo could include Teresa in the show by using flashbacks until she is released.

What do you think Bravo should do? Sound off in our comments section!

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  • DebBrenn

    Bravo should move on without Teresa and pretend she never existed. She was “the star”? Really? She couldn’t put a sentence together.

    • Aunt Bee

      Thank you. As always you made me laugh out loud

  • Jody

    Deb I agree with you. A convicted felon, the star? At least they have literacy classes in jail. She should take advantage of that and learn English.

  • sumack

    Whether any one likes it or not She was and hopefully is the star! It wouldn’t be the same without Teresa, if Caroline is brought back also and even more so The Wakilies it would be a no go for a lot of people. Let’s face it there are a lot of shady people on the show its just The Guidices were caught!! Before any of you start exploding, yes they deserved to go to jail!!

  • Get rid of Teresa and bring in Caroline’s family. I would like to see more of her brothers and sisters (except Dina – who I can’t stand!)

    • Prekt

      umm they tried that! “Manzo’d with children”? And it tanked! Like it or not Teresa is the show! Every other housewife has either started later, left and tried something else, or left and come back with little to no impact! But Teresa leaving will kill the show! Love her or hate her everyone wants to see her and talk about her!

  • Bella

    IMO, which I shared days ago on this site, is to film cheap. Treat the show like it’s in its first season. Pay the cast cheap and nix a luxurious vacation. Hire back Danielle, Jaq and Caroline. They all have a history with each other that still has some loose ends that need to be tied up. Like, why did Jaq seem to make up with Danielle but didn’t follow thru with her word? Why wouldn’t Caroline hug it out with Danielle? I wasn’t that impressed with the twins and Amber but I’m sure their is a storyline in there with them and Caroline.

    I kinda believe that Bravo and Teresa are done with each other because her new lawyer was asked about the show. His response was RHONJ was never discussed between them. If that is, indeed, true then let Melissa and Kathy go. They both need Teresa around for a storyline. I do believe that the Gorga’s need the money but Melissa doesn’t bring anything to the show. That’s the same with Kathy, she is a bore and her husband is creepy! Ick!

  • Kat

    Preach Deb!! I totally agree with you. Teresa and her husband are convicted felons. If Bravo is going to support thieving trash I will get my entertainment elsewhere.

    • lucille

      then you better not watch because chris and wacko are worse lol

  • Aunt Bee

    I think it should just be cancelled and bring back DC or a totally new city.

    • Tom

      Yes yes yes – RHW of Annapolis or Chicago or New Orleans…

  • Teri M

    bring back the Miami Housewives

  • jennyd

    I think it could go on without Teresa. She was pretty closed off this past season anyway. I don’t think she makes the show. It is just a little boring but has nothing to do with Teresa. At the reunion she was quiet, wouldn’t hardly speak to anyone either. I like Teresa but she just doesn’t seem like she wants to be on the show anymore. Continue with the show and if she wants to return when she’s out of jail then Ok.

  • Maxien

    No the show won’t be the same without her… It will be better! The storylines have been about her for the most part and never in a good way. If Bravo think they don’t have a show without her then Bravo are CLEARLY ignoring most of the fans of the show. … But we all know that with NJ Bravo prefer the drama that Teresa causes no matter the cost. If they decide to have her back after she finishes her sentence I won’t watch again. I tend not to help pay the bills of criminals, especially criminals who have stolen from regular people like us.

  • Tom

    Film without her – PLEASE – how insulting tom the rest of the women to say there’s no show without her…it will be a BETTER show without her. She is classless.

    • Patx

      Tom, are you sure? Aren’t you yourself part of the cast with a false name ?

      • Tom

        Cast with fasle name? My name is Tom. what are you talking about? is your real name PATX? Really?

    • lucille

      teresa is the show lol you even read this column because you saw teresa’s name

  • Prekt

    Clearly if that were true bravo would do that! But it’s just not the case! I know haters like to think the rest are interesting but ratings experts do studies and if bravo isn’t filming that speaks for itself!

    • DebBrenn

      I think Teresa got ratings because people wanted to see how she reacted to getting caught. It became clear we weren’t going to hear anything from her but what her attorneys told her to say this last year. I think she’s run her course for interesting us for any reason.

  • I’ve been wanting Bravo to wipe the slate clean and start clean with a new cast

  • Patx

    Who the h.. Writes these articles? The author ‘s name is no where to be found? Then the article reads – says “an insider ” all this article is B,S. A publicity stunt to assess the market- Bravo is only trying to find out if the matket=audience want to see the show eith or without their main attraction.

  • DebBrenn

    I like Missy6343 and Aunt Bee’s ideas. Maybe even more than new city, new cast. Maybe new premise. How about mixing some of these nouveau riche, vacuous women with some middle class women with some some character? I’d love to see the juxtaposition of values, and the spoiled ones being shown for who they are in real time.

  • Jo

    They should fire everyone and start afresh

  • CiCi Boo

    Leaving Tre behind would be a bad move on Bravo whether she gets her own show or stays with the housewives getting rid of her would lose a lot of viewers she has a lot of people supporting her believe it or not.

  • I think bringing the origingal cast back sans Teresa would be a kick. Par it down again- make it less forced and get it back to basics. Also, you could bring Kathy and Rosie as friends of the Housewives because they great positive additions. Now I don’t know if Dina would film with Caroline and Jaq again- given their past history, and her declaration saying she wouldn’t (and because they have made up!!) but if she would, that would generate interest too. But getting rid of the chihuahua twins and Jim M would be a huge plus for sure!

  • VaNonna

    I stopped watching because of Teresa. I refuse to watch a thief – now convicted felon.