RHONJ Midseason Trailer, Jacqueline Laurita Officially Returns


There is definitely more drama to come this season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey and in this brand new preview for the second half of the season, our previous reports has been confirmed that Jacqueline Laurita and family will appear in several episodes beginning September 21st.

E! News has the exclusive trailer where Teresa Giudice continues to struggle with her legal case, twins Nicole Napolitano and Teresa Aprea face rumors about their family while Dina Manzo, Amber Marchese and Melissa Gorga are caught in the middle of the drama.

Jacqueline Laurita returns to the group and supports the Giudice family by sending Teresa an emotional text message…

“You were like a sister to me. I love you, the kids and Joe, and I’m sorry for all the heartache you are going through. You will get a fresh start and the future will be brighter than ever. You are still the strongest woman I know,” Laurita wrote.

“If Teresa called me tomorrow and said, ‘I need you,’ I would be there in two seconds. She knows that,” Jacqueline says.

We will also get a glimpse into Jacqueline’s life with her husband Chris and son Nicholas.

“I can’t do the things I used to do,” Chris Laurita admits. “If I have to decide whether to make a mortgage payment or get my son the help he needs, I’m going to get my son the help he needs.”

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15 Replies to “RHONJ Midseason Trailer, Jacqueline Laurita Officially Returns”

  1. Chris should be working two/three jobs with the mounting bills both medical and mortgage. My husband has done that in the past without any problems. I guess Chris and Jacqueline feel special/privileged, now Jacqueline has to return back to reality tv where no one wants to film with her for a paycheck,.. strange ppl.

    1. Problem with the Lauritas is they put on airs they have money (just like the Guidices), live beyond their means, and try to file bankruptcy as easy fix they don’t have to pay back debt. How does middle and low income families get help and aid for their children, while working honestly to earn income? gO FiGuRE

  2. This is the official axe in the franchise. They could have redeemed themselves but continue to give Teresa the good edit. The rest of the women make Teresa loo like einstein. They are all being used to support & give the felon the good edit yet fight and expose each other while evil herself sits back & laughs at getting off of her crimes.

  3. Nobody gives a crap about Jacq-thecrack. Nobody.

    Her only storyline is her child’s disability… yet nothing is actually wrong with her child, I mean for the love of God, autism is nothing scary, infact the child might grow up to be a bloody genius.

    She is just crying and crying and weeping because her child is not like the rest of the children, that’s all… please stop pittying that child and go to work. I mean, what did she ever do job related in her life? In last 5 years we have seen her do NOTHING.

    On a related note, I can’t wait for this crapfest to end as perhaps RHOBH or RHOA will redeem this franchise…

    1. @dalamili: Jacqueline has a storyline other than her son’s autism, but can Bravo step up to the plate and expose the court documents filed against the Lauritas’ Fraud case against them?

      You can end the crapfest anytime you want–just don’t watch the show or read the blogs.

  4. I am loving DALIMILI, I say bring old Wack Jac back just to prove she is nothing interesting we can watch her drink some more and act like a 5 year old whoohoo!! that should really boost the ratings hahaha!!

  5. Please don’t tell me they are going to blame their financial problems and not being able to pay that huge mortgage on that poor child of theirs. They already use the kids for their only story line. That poor baby can’t help that the parents don’t have good business sense and karma is coming around to bit then in the ass.

  6. Wow!! Anyone notice how big Wacko-Jacko has gotten?? What did she do just eat while she’s on break??? Anyways I’ve been a die hard of Jersey since it started… I absolutely love Teresa G!! Yeah she’s been through hell and back, but she’s the sweetest! Love her daughters… Dina is back which I’m thrilled about I also love the twins they bring a little bit of spice to the show! Melissa should be replaced with Danielle I would love to see her come back!! P.S. this is my first post!!

  7. In my opinion, Jersey shouldn’t have done a re-cast. They had Teresa, Caroline, Jacqueline, Melissa, and Kathy. All they needed to do for Season 6 was add Dina to the cast. Her feud with Caroline & Jacqueline would’ve been sufficient drama for the show and it’s REAL.

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