RHONJ Jim Marchese’s Past, Ex-Wife Indicted On Mortgage Fraud


We met Amber Marchese and her husband Jim during the premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and it turns out they will be a great fit for Reality TV, because Amber’s husband Jim has quite an interesting past. Keep reading!

RealityTea and Faux Reality Entertainment both report that in 2002 Jim reported his former employer, Cell Therapeutics, to the feds for Medicare fraud. Jim was a sales representative for the company and he uncovered a scheme where the company was illegally marketing their cancer drug, Trisenox to Medicare recipients by advertising “unapproved uses” and results.

In the process, Cell Therapeutics defrauded the government of millions because doctors could have wrongfully prescribed the drug. The company tried to make the case that Marchese was a significant part of that marketing scheme and that he should not be exonerated. However, a judge disagreed, and cited that Jim was acting under the good faith of his supervisors.

Cell Therapeutics was ordered to pay the government $10.5 million dollars.

Marchese was covered under The Whistleblower Act, and was granted 15% of the monies Cell Therapeutic had to pay for his “significant role” in the case. He was entitled to $1.575 because government prosecutors didn’t feel like they would have a solid case without Jim’s information about the scheme.

But in the end, Cell Therapeutics and Jim appealed the case. Cell Therapeutics felt Jim should not be entitled to retribution because he was involved in the scheme. Jim felt he was entitled to 25% of the settlement (the maximum amount allowed) because as a “low-level employee” he risked everything by telling the government the details of the scheme.

Jim received his 15% settlement.

But it doesn’t stop there. Amber mentioned during RHONJ that she is helping raise her two step-sons. Jim and his ex-wife Rebecca Grande have been involved in a nasty custody battle, and Jim is suing Rebecca for full custody of their sons. Among the claims in the suit, Marchese claims his ex-wife is falsely attempting to have their son diagnosed with Autism…

In court documents obtained by RealityTea, Jim claims Rebecca is “unstable” and reveals she had recently pled guilty to second-degree felony that would result in jail time. The judge denied Jim’s motion stating he did not have significant evidence and pointed out that Rebecca is on probation and she is not yet incarcerated.

Since then Grande has been indicted by a grand jury for 7 counts and pled guilty of mortgage fraud.

Photo Credit: Bravo