Is RHONJ Being Delayed Until 2016 When Teresa Giudice Is Released From Prison?


A new day and there’s another rumor about the status of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. A new report claims that since Teresa Giudice is set to go to prison in just one month, Bravo executives have delayed production on the show… indefinitely.

“Bravo is very nervous to do the show without Teresa,” a show insider tells RadarOnline. “They fear that without her, the show will not be as big of a success.”

“They’re exploring shelving the season until 2016, when Teresa gets out of prison,” the source claims. “By having her fresh out of prison, there would be a clear storyline. It would also pull on fans’ heartstrings to see the changed Teresa back in the limelight.”

As for the site’s previous reports that Teresa was already filming footage for next season?

“There are many people who are trying to hurt Teresa by claiming things that don’t really have a strong basis in truth,” the source said.” Believe it or not, Teresa really does not have an interest in being in the spotlight at the current moment.”

“If you notice,” the source continued, “Teresa is not currently doing any media. She could be milking this, but she’s staying relatively quiet.”

Our sources have confirmed this report, story developing…

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16 Replies to “Is RHONJ Being Delayed Until 2016 When Teresa Giudice Is Released From Prison?”

  1. Just remove the show already. It has gone downhill since season 3…

    I am still waiting for Real Housewives of Dallas!!! It is on my praying list that it happens one day, I would love seeing some real oil rich southern gals

  2. Teresa could be milking what? That she’s a felon? And they surmise her changed self upon her release will pull our heartstrings? Does anybody thing prison is going to open her eyes? Or that the audience in general will give thanks for her release? That sounds like an unidentified source from the Teresa camp.

  3. Seriously – who needs Theresa? She was not entertaining at all and created a world of drama – oh that’s right – you want drama. I would love to see a season of fun and laughter – shopping -vacations. Whats so wrong with happiness and no stress???

  4. Why stop the show for Theresa…their are other women on the show it’s not The Real housewife Theresa show…everyone is sick of her fackself anyway. Just get rid of her already

  5. This “source” says this, that “source” says that, yet another “source” says a completely different story. The only common dominator? They are all unnamed sources. There really has been nothing official from either Teresa or Bravo about the future of her role, if any, on RHONJ or any other Bravo show. In fact Teresa has not announced any NEW business or professional dealings at all either, and with her prison due date looming just weeks away, I doubt that there is time for that. One thing we do know, she still hasn’t paid $210,000 fine she still owes and she is supposed to pay before she enters prison. Maybe Joe and Tre are on eBay selling off some of their ill gotten gains to get the money to pay for that. But most likely they are just trying to spend the holidays together like millions of other families before these two unrepentant felons begin to pay the piper.

  6. puuuuh leeeeez !! doesnt matter i quit watching the teresa show this past season anyhow so no loss. was just hoping to enjoy it without her

    1. OMG!! I just read that Teresa is now suing her original Bankruptcy Lawyer for bungling their case.. She says it’s HIS fault they (they Guidice’s) didn’t declare all their own assets and proper paperwork when they filed for bankruptcy. You know like he should have KNOWN what liars and cheats they were and sent a private investigator after his own clients to get the truth. She wants $5 Million bucks. I guess this is her new way of making money. Shift blame AND make money!

      1. If I owned the grocery store she uses I’d be worried. She’s on her way to a few slip and fall lawsuits when this one doesn’t work.

    1. PLEASE BRAVO – do the show without her and get rid of the twins while you are at it – talk about over acting!!!! there must be less ghetto people in New jersey who would love to do the show.

  7. Teaching your kids how to be a loser? BRAVO T. You are such a poor role model and flat out liar it makes me sick! Honesty would be a better role model than sociopathic mentality.

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