RHONJ Cast Worried For Their Safety Following Dina Manzo’s Attack

After Dina Manzo was involved in a violent home invasion, the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are amping up their security and are definitely more concerned about taking extra measures to protect themselves.

“The housewives are freaking out because the attackers are unknown. They don’t know if it has anything to do with the show, and they are amping up their security measures,” an insider revealed.

As we reported, Manzo and her millionaire boyfriend David Cantin were attacked on May 13th inside their Holmdel, New Jersey, home. Cantin was allegedly beat with a baseball bat, while Manzo was punched repeatedly in the face.

Police are still looking for answers.

“The townhouse is in an upscale community so it’s suspicious how the robbers knew to go to their house,” the insider told RadarOnline. “Given that, the housewives don’t know if they could be the next victims. So they are doing everything they can do to protect themselves.”

In the meantime, “Dina’s been laying low, barely speaking, with bandages around her face,” added the source. “She thought she was going to die.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Dina has been off the show a few years. My guess is her connection to her millionaire boyfriend

I agree!

Or their home simply could have been targeted after being “cased” a la “The Bling Ring Effect”. Everyone knows they live in Malibu, and Dina has been publicly vocal about not getting back to Jersey often as she’s very settled on the West Coast and estranged from her family. These days it’s very easy to track people’s movements via social media, and most robberies we’ve seen recently targeting public figures usually starts in the digital realm.

When will anyone just get that too many of these very wealthy people are connected. I live in NJ and am embarrassed at how much of this happens. Yes, we all know the Sopranos were fictional, but there are some quite like them ij this state. It saddens me when someone is found floating in the Hudson River and has a last name of an infamous family, and maybe just because of his name. Is it a coincidence? (This has happened.) Maybe this was just some break in but did anything get stolen? Holmdel is an upscale town. This all… Read more »

If they’re worried about their safety, bringing Danielle Staub likely won’t help.

I immediately thought of Danielle and her goons…she is not fond of Dina and since they are now both Tre’s BFFs…it could be a problem.