RHONJ Cast Worried About Fate of Season 6


With the fate of Teresa Giudice’s freedom up in the air, RadarOnline is reporting that the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are getting nervous about production for the next season of the show. We EXCLUSIVELY broke the news that production on season 6 of RHONJ will begin early to capture the Giudice trial, but Radar reports none of the cast has signed any new contracts. “They’re all starting to freak out,” a production insider tells the site.

“The women won’t get their contracts until after the reunion show for this season is filmed and that is happening the first week in September. They have to do everything that is required of them for THIS season and then Bravo will lock them down for the next season. But the stalemate is making everyone really nervous,” the insider continues. “With Teresa’s crazy indictment and October trial coming up the ladies know that Bravo wants them all back, but they don’t know if they’re going to be able to get any more money,” the source said, noting how Bravo handled the cast of RHONY when they demanded raises.

“They would basically be filming two seasons back-to-back without a break and that is a lot more pressure for all of them,” the source says. “All the ladies know that Teresa’s court drama could be amazing for ratings and they all want to be a part of that and they’re hoping Bravo will quickly get them all new deals so they can start filming again right away. They know that Teresa is the star and they’ll have to have her back so they’re hoping that they all will be back too.”

Our sources say there WILL be a season 6 of RHONJ and that Bravo will do everything in their power to document the trial.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Why are all these supposedly “rich” women so worried about raises. Of course I can understand that Teresa will need to pay all her back taxes. I honestly cannot understand how these women want to show America how childish and ridiculous their behavior is. I guess that is why I am hooked on these shows because I really didn’t believe people were this obnoxious and unrealistic .

Isn’t it a shame that the person designated the “star” is only that because she’s sneaky and vicious and a criminal?

That didn’t make her a star; shes a star because of her personality which most people seem to love love love. Considering she is the most popular by far.

Her personality is a joke! She’s a BORING person who does nasty things. The woman is dumber than a tick and I suppose some people enjoy watching her fracture the English language and show what a pathetically ignorant joke she is. But does that make her “personality” good? You can also be fascinated by how manipulative and jealous and nasty she is, just like you are with any villain in a movie. But that shouldn’t make her someone you root for. Has she ever said something to be funny and had it be funny? No! Has she ever made one… Read more »

It’s really pathetic how these women just put everything out there for fame..? But I too am hooked on most of the RH series. Is it because it makes your life seem pretty normal? Mundane and kinda poor, but normal compared to these people!!! Especially the Guidices, they are the lowest form of reality TV ‘stars’… they would sell their parents for another season’s contract. How embarrassed their families must be. Everyone has a few skeletons in the family closet but that’s where they belong…NOT on national TV!!

BOYCOT BRAVO if Teresa isn’t fired!!! If you are as tried as I am of Teresa’s lying and now the fact she has been arrested on 39 counts for being a thief and liar. The Feds can’t be wrong that many times.
Legal Disclaimer! Comments made are my opinion ONLY and should not be considered factual. Just in case Teresa decides to sue for slander.

Do you know the government? It’s a total mess.


Haters love to hate Tre, but we just love, love, love her.

hey wacko hope you are worried about sept 5th,if you don’t get jail,probation,then we know you are the one, who gave granny pants,the info and she gave it to monica

Susie q, exactly! If WackoJacko doesn’t get atleast probation along with the others involved in that fight then that’s a dead giveaway!!