RHONJ Cast Speak About Giudice Fraud Charges


During The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, Andy Cohen gave the cast time to speak about the fraud charges Joe and Teresa Giudice are facing. After playing the clip in Arizona where Joe admitted he feared going to jail over his DMV case, Andy opened the floor to the other cast mates to reveal their thoughts on Teresa and Joe’s federal indictment.

“It’s deep,” Caroline Manzo says, after Andy asks why she got emotional during the clip. “You never kick a person when they’re down. There’s something about him [Joe Giudice] that is very real, and when he allowed himself to be vulnerable, you find it in your heart to say, ‘I wanna hug him.’ Because he allowed himself to say, ‘I’m scared. I don’t want to leave my kids.’ It was precious to see that, because when you have that attitude to admit your flaws and your fears that’s when the help comes pouring in.”

“I know when we were fighting last year, I yelled, ‘I hope Joe goes to jail,'” Jacqueline Laurita says, recalling the season 4 reunion. “At that moment in time I didn’t care if he went to hell, but in actuality I feel for him as a man, as a husband, as a father and it’s different when you’re in the situation then when you’re just mad and spewing things.”

Andy asks Joe Gorga what went through his mind when he first heard about the indictment. “Listen, I got depressed. It’s hard to talk about, I don’t even really want to touch on that subject. It’s a hard thing to swallow, and I hope that everything works out.” Andy asks how Joe found out about the news. “We spoke about it,” Joe says. “Teresa and I spoke about it.”

“I told my brother and Melissa that this was coming out,” Teresa reveals. “I didn’t know when. (Jacqueline says she told her coming back from Arizona, which was in mid March.) Ya, so I wanted my brother to hear it from me. The day it came out we didn’t know that day, but I told my brother something is happening.” Andy asks what Joe said to Teresa, and she reveals, “Nothing, he said I’m here for you.”

Andy asks when you see your family on the national news walking into court what goes through your mind? “It’s heartbreaking,” Kathy Wakile says. “And you want it to go away for them. You want their pain to go away. You don’t want anyone that you love to go through that.”

“It’s a scary thing,” Melissa says, then Joe Gorga interrupts her and says that he and Melissa had the girls for Antonia’s birthday party recently. “We were sitting at dinner and Gabriella just took to me,” Joe says. “She hung by me all night and she was under my shoulder and we sat there and she leaned on me the entire night and I look over and I see Melissa crying. I didn’t have to ask her what she was crying about, I started crying.”

“It’s not easy, we’ve been through some hard times,” Joe continues. “But you never want to see your family go through something like this. No matter what.”

Andy reveals there were a lot of viewer questions wondering if it came to it, would Melissa and Joe take care of the kids. “I mean if she asked us to, of course,” Melissa says, and Joe added, “I would be there in a heart beat. When we heard the news I called my sister and we talked about it, but I couldn’t call Joe. I was so hurt and I tried dialing his number and I would hang up because I didn’t know how to talk to him. I didn’t know if he wanted to hear from me. I didn’t know what to say.”

Next, Andy asked Jacqueline how she feels about the situation. An emotional Jacqueline, says, “I just think about how scary it is and the kids and the whole situation in general and I just can’t imagine. That’s why I say Teresa is the strongest woman I know. Thinking about it, it scares me and I know she’s got to be scared and I know their family has to be hurting and the kids, and I just think of all of it. I don’t know enough about it to know where it’s going, but it’s just scary.”

Teresa and Joe explain that they are staying positive for their daughters and their family around them and they think everyone in the room for their support and kind words.

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5 Replies to “RHONJ Cast Speak About Giudice Fraud Charges”

  1. Mellisa, are you going to take care of Teresa’s Children if they both go away? Your answer was you would help out. Joe’s answer was he would take care of the Children. I didn’t think much about it until this morning when I saw the picture of you and Joe, Your wipping your eyes but I was wondering if it was for the kids or having to take care of your sister in laws’ children. I know that would make a lot of changes in your life if that happens. You just seem to have a different plan than Joe does. I really hope I’m wrong. If they are found guilty of that mess , it could make a huge change in everyone’s life. You already claimed the reason you sold your house was so your kids wouldn’t go to the same school. Do you think the Kids didn’t find out about that. Teresa probably covered for you on that when the kids asked, why did Aunt Mellisa not want all of us to go to the same school. Other kids can be very mean, or just nosey, Either way it dosent’ hurt any less. I just looked at your face and to me it looked more like why me ,rather then , I’ll do anything I can to make sure they are raised properly and cared for as my own until Teresa gets back.
    Auncle Joe is a different story. He looked honestly worried about his nieces. What a sad day if that does happen.

    1. You know, you have a good point but at this moment it is all alleged. Innocent until proven guilty in this country. I fully believe the charges are true, the Guidice’s seem to think they are above the law and above telling the truth.

      Can you imagine all the Teresa koolaide drinkers??? I can imagine their posts already…. “The US govt is out to destroy Teresa because they are jealous of her!” “The govt only charged Teresa so they could get on tv” or “This is happening because Teresa’s family is so jealous of her success that they turned her in on fraudulent charges” . “Melissa’s sisters secretly work for the US GOVT and they were spreading rumors”.

      Teresa’s fans incredulously think exactly like Teresa does… childlike even, but hardly innocent, there is a conniving witch behind that attractive face.

    2. Joyce, I wouldn’t think less of Melissa if she did not choose to raise Teresa’s children. That is a huge responsibility to ask a woman with 3 small children of her own. Besides, Joe Guidice said on national tv on WWHL that he would not let Joey and Melissa take them, so maybe that is why Melissa said she would help, I am sure the Guidice family has plenty of people clamoring to take care of the girls. So why hate on Melissa for a crime that the Guidice parents committed that would cause that situation for their children? Melissa didn’t cause this situation, so why are you holding her to the fire?

      You really think Teresa “covered” for Melissa on the house selling? Gimme a break! Teresa lets her girls watch the show and her and Juicy discuss everyone in front of those girls. So yes it will be a sad day for those girls if their parents go to prison but your focus in all of this is definitely on the wrong person.

    3. What was Melissa supposed to say? The Giudices have said pubicly that Mel & Joey wouldn’t be raising the girls. When Teresa and Joe go to prison those girls are going to have a lot if problems dealing with the embarrassment and having to be away from their parents. That along with the fact they have been spoiled and over indulged their whole lives and by what we see on the show have been taught they can act any way they want and say anything they want those girls are going to be trouble if they aren’t gotten ahold of quickly. I personally would hate to have to be responsible for them.

  2. Take a stand and refuse to support a network that continues to employ a criminal that has been indicted on 39 counts of fraud!
    It is time to start emailing and calling companies that advertise on Bravo and their affiliates!
    Would you continue to support a network or endorsers that employs someone charged with 39 counts of child molestation or 39 counts of murder?
    While Teresa and Joe have not been accused of molesting children or murdering anyone, they have been charged with 39 counts of fraud and theft. Their crimes have and will continue to cost tax payers millions of dollars.
    A crime is a crime and we as the consumer/tax payer should stand up and tell Bravo that we will not continue to support their network if they continue to employ Teresa Giudice.

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