RHONJ Cast Drama at Annual POSCHE Fashion Show Charity Event

The cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are filming season eight and the drama has already begun because the annual POSCHE Fashion Show took place a few days ago!

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga attended the event, as well as Siggy Flicker and Dolores Catania. Siggy and Dolores modeled in the show, to raise money for Aaron Anderson’s family after he was found shot and burned to death in Kim DePaola’s Audi.

But what’s a POSCHE Fashion Show without drama?

Teresa came with the girls,” an insider revealed to RadarOnline. ”She had her little tribe with her — Danielle Staub and Melissa. They came downstairs where the models were and Teresa was just ballistic.”

It seems Teresa was fighting with her former BFF Kim D., but it was unclear why.

“She swore at the girls working,” the insider explained. “She looked like she was ready to throw a glass!”

“Teresa got in Kim’s face,” the source noted. “So Kim got back in her face.”

“The kid Aaron’s mother came down the stairs with a picture of Aaron and said, ‘You’re disgusting! How could you act like this at a fundraiser?’” the source added. “Aaron’s girlfriend who has his baby was crying that they could act like this at a fundraiser.”

“So when it came time for the fundraiser, Melissa, Teresa, and Danielle weren’t allowed to stay,” the insider said. “They bought tickets but they couldn’t go up.”

“After they left it was great!” the source said. “Siggy and Dolores stayed, and Teresa, Melissa and Danielle got mad that they stayed. Siggy and Dolores told them ‘fu*k off!’ They stayed, they danced, they had a great time.”


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Sometimes u just need to take one for the team.. #rhonj & I’m off.. Red Dress by @envybymg💃🏻on the site now;)

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Dinner with the girls… A little Vino 🍷

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Last night’s annual @poschebykimd fashion show was SOLD OUT, and I am so blessed to have been apart of this amazing cause! There were too many donations to count with so many diapers, toys, clothing, etc. coming in for three young children who lost their fathers unexpectedly. A percentage of all the tickets also went to the two families affected. You can still send items for these families to POSCHE 99 West Allendale Ave Allendale, NJ 07401. They are looking for donations for a 5 year old girl, a 18 month old boy, and a newborn baby! My BFF Dolores Spagnola Catania and I felt so blessed to be apart of this cause, and also had so much fun participating in the fashion show last night! Thank you to our favorite @steveygardner for the pictures! Thank you to my hairdresser Sal @Salonq2 – make up artist @lauren_damelio and hair extensions Christiana @hairgoddessofny #RHONJ #season8 #bffgoals👭

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  • One Rotten Egg

    Of course there will be drama at Kim D fashion show–after all she herself says she plays with the big boys [implying mafia influence]

    P.S.–Danielle shouldn’t be doing any favors by posting who styled her. Poor thing will lose business. Dress too tight makes this 50+ woman look preggers in it.

    • DaysofWineandRoses

      I like the actual coordination, it’s event appropriate. But Danielle is not doing herself any favors trying to play Supermodel Slump with that pose, it does nothing but make her pooch poke out. Not only that, but having worked with the PR departments of designer showrooms, they are SUPER selective about brand association . Seeing their brand names publicly tagged to a woman with her sort of track record is not to be appreciated at.all.

      • Days, you are so funny. You remained in the period language throughout the entire paragraph! I am super impressed.
        She reminds me of Ramona with the belly pooch. I guess they weren’t taught to hold their tummies IN in their youth as I was, then as I go through the years, the muscles are strong enough to hold themselves in. Although, it still feels good to hold it in, it makes my posture feel better, and gives me that sense of pride in my figure, and the way we carry ourselves as women is as important as our skin care, IMO. I think Danielle’s outfit from head to bunion is meant for a woman in her thirties at the oldest. Again, IMO.

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    WHOO LORDY, DANILELLE! Get thee to thine nearest orthopedic surgeon and removest thine bunion the size of a small island nation as soon as humanly possible, Woman! If not as soon as humanly possible, then at least beforest thee choose to weareth another single strap sandal which covereth not thine abomination!

    • Anoymouswillgetyou

      Freaking funny!

  • Apple

    Ahhh…Melissa. You shoulda gone with Siggy and Dolores. I am disappointed in you.

    • Jay

      thought the same thing!

  • Jay


  • barbara

    Maybe its just me, but I’m not as excited about this new season. I don’t care about Danielle. Never liked Melissa and just haven’t connected to the new girls yet. I’l still watch but I don’t know. However, I thought Tre looked great.