RHONJ: Caroline vs. Teresa

After a confrontational episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey I feel like I need a stiff drink and a massage. It seriously gave me some anxiety. It was Caroline vs. Teresa, Teresa vs. Kathy, Chris vs. Joe Giudice, Manzo Boys vs. Joe Giudice, Lauren vs. Teresa…. oh my… It was like two seasons of bottled up animosity came out in one episode. Like a nasty car crash, awful, but you can’t stop staring.

We want to know what RHONJ fans think. Was Caroline out of line? Was Teresa out of line? Did Kathy intentionally start the fight? Should Jacqueline of spoken up? What do you think of all this Jersey drama?

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3 Replies to “RHONJ: Caroline vs. Teresa”

  1. Can’t stand the lies Teresa tells the public and you can see (if u have any eyes behind ur brains) She is lying to them all about making money for her little slams she does behind their backs (even her husband outed her). She could care less about her family and the pain SHE has caused them. Teresa is all about herself. Her husband can’t stand to be around her, so he has a girlfriend to console him. Teresa’s karma is coming back with BIG teeth!

  2. kathy stirred it up intentionally,and Caroline took the bait,once again to fuel Tre to her boiling point. That is Kathy whole motivation since the fashion show episode.She is so transparent and her accomplice Melissa. Even though Caroline said she didnt want Kathy to defend her and cause interference with thier family,that again is so conterdictive, then why say to Melissa when Tre left,she says so many bad things about you, that she already had named on the show. Plus she was crying that no one was helping her fight her battles. She always claims Tre is so competitve, again a hippocrate its so transparent. I really don’t know if she was considered a true bully, that paticular night, because she pretty much stood alone for once, except Kathy adding her two cents, again the stupid magazine, which is the,most rediculous noncence, to create all this drama.Tre called Caroline, the c word after she gave up on multiple apologies, not to mention Caroline exspressed how she was done many times,and then trying so hard to hear something significant, that was said, in the hot tub”conterdictive” nothing was said, only that Tre got her own family together, what that pissed her off, she wanted all the credit, especially after how she is interfering now, also she thinks she is now a sicolagist from this show, Also Tre insinuating she had excepted her apology from her. Then she ruins the whole vaction, on all with all her animosity. Tre even came out a second time to try and convince her she was sorry.Caroline is so self absorbed she can’t see past her own resentments, its only about her feelings, like a spoiled child, practice all that wisdom your always preachig. Tre is not allowed to just give up only her. That was why she called her the c word, she was done, and Car said how did she really mean her apology, calling her the c word. who can really blame her after the way Car treated her that night, when she was having such a nice time before Caroline and Kathys antics. I don’t think anyone who uses the f word so profusely should get so offended over the c word, including all the other hippocrates, I think I heard Mels use it in fun in the RV when they had that fake fight.If Tre is making money on the magazines its really none of thier concern, and nothing is said about them that isnt already said on the show, how could a magazine article have anynthing more negativ to say. that isnt said already on the show. Tre needs to put her personal issues that her family and others blab ,on the show, in her own words after she sees them all gossiping when the show airs. now thier all getting a piece of the magazines after all the drama they all caused. the whole famous set up, that they all pinned on Tre is now some how, to thier benefit, hmm.

  3. I love Teresa!!!
    A ll this crap started happening soon as Melissa and Kathy got on the show!!I HATE THEM.If teresa wasn’t on the show I wouldn’t watch!!!

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