RHONJ: Bravo Executive Producers Are Called Out About Posche Fashion Show Drama!

Real Housewives of New Jersey’s finale all takes place at Kim “D’s” Posche Fashion Show. Now, Kim’s friend Will Love is calling out Bravo’s Executive Producers, saying they made it look like Teresa Giudice masterminded the whole Melissa Gorga set-up with Angelo Voorhees. Apparently, this isn’t the first time Will has spoken about the RHONJ. He previously revealed that Melissa Gorga and her sisters bash Teresa all the time.

Will tweeted this, “Andy Cohen does play a role in the editing process. He has said so directly in interviews. With that said, overall @yourfriendkitty and @carolineself have the most editing power. They are the executive producers of Season 3 and Season 4 of #RHONJ. They work on location and off location. They send the editors what footage to use as well as tell them what to keep in and what to cut out. @carolineself is tight with the Manzos while @yourfriendkitty is tight with the Gorgas and Wakiles. Cat edited @PDKhair as well as multiple ex-coworkers of Melissa’s, who were present at the salon and fashion show, completely out of the two-part finale. Their interactions made the Angelo incident look g-rated. Obviously that move was deliberate. Furthermore, Cat held Penny back from defending Kim when Joe Gorga called Kim a drug addict, a c*** and went to punch her. Even worse, as you will see in the finale, Cat completely butchered the conversation Angelo had with a friend at the bar to make it appear as though Teresa masterminded everything. The unprofessionalism of Cat Rodriguez and Caroline Self is disgusting. In this economy, why are these the type of people who have employment? Only a network like @BravoTV would believe that their viewers are so incompetent that they wouldn’t see past the blatant bias.”

Like I have said before, on next week’s episode, it is said that someone doesn’t realize they are mic’d, that the “truth” comes out, and that we need to pay attention to the subtitles. While many of you assume my source was Jacqueline Laurita, that isn’t the case. Angelo Voorhees is the person whose subtitles we need to be watching. However, it is rumored that Voorhees’ subtitles were edited to make it look like Teresa masterminded the whole set-up. Some sources say that it is because of editing it appears Teresa looks like the bad guy, and that is what is being referred to “as the truth coming out.”

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