RHONJ Too Boring, Producers Had To Readjust What Aired


Many viewers have noticed inconsistencies with the editing this season during The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and now a production insider is telling RadarOnline the final episodes were too boring to air, so production had to create more drama. “Seeing Teresa and Melissa fight was boring because no one was telling the truth about what had really happened so production made the decision to change what they first cut and make sure the drama was edited in,” the show insider reveals.

“The big fight that happened in March gave producers good material, but they were scrambling to have it make sense with the relationships with all of the people,” the source says. Bravo was not legally allowed to air the physical altercation that occurred at the opening of POSCHE 2, which was the season’s main source of drama. “It was hard for producers to edit out all of the good parts of the fight, and then they had to make the episodes leading up to it make sense so they re-edited the final episodes to create more drama,” the source says.

“They wanted to have a really dramatic season and so they made sure that the final episodes had the best details from everyone’s interactions,” the insider shares.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Giuliana

    And even after all that it was still their worst season yet…

    • Bobby

      So true and its a shame because it started off good, and if they weren’t SO concerned with protecting the Manzo/Gorga clan and blaming Teresa on EVERYTHING it would have been a lot better. Al’s infidelities should have been exposed. Juicy Joe’s were brought up but he was never actually proved to have been cheating while Al has. Caroline’s argument about that should have been aired … the Gorga’s blaming Teresa when they knew Penny good & well more than T ever did should have been aired. I also wanted to see Kim D vs. Jennifer Dalton .. that would have been awesome. But no, of course .. its the blame Teresa show.

  • jersey shore mom

    yes, they had a chance to bring new interest back to show. but its always teresa. i wanted to see melissa’s past exposed,tired of her playing the innocent victim,when everyone knows shes not. they dragged bad teresa out too long, we want truth about caroline,al,poison joe and melissa.but if caroline is really leaving show,we’ll never see it. we want some happinest for teresa,she’s going thru hell. and bravo loves it. next sun, will be last time i watch bravo, now i just watch for one hr a week for teresa, then switch back to other happy shows.

  • Anonymous

    Really Bobby? I guess the Feds are just picking on Teresa too!!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t blog, text, or post, but I can’t keep my mouth shut. As a Behavioral Specialist who deals with cases of juvenile abnormalities and delinquency, I can’t help but believe that anyone could believe that Teresa isn’t getting what she deserves. She lies to the extent that she believes her own lies, and justifies her actions by relating herself to a spoiled child who was ” angry”. Who does that? Only a child who refuses to take responsibility for their actions. Grow up you over grown spoiled idiot. The rest of us are out here in the real world living within our means and paying our bills. She should try it.

      • jersey shore mom

        don’t you think you should talk to the gorgias?they had gas and electric turned off for not paying bills/ joey gets into fist fights on show,this is his third one.maybe he should be tested for steriods.then get anger mangement help/ also they took a video of son, coping michael jackson, playing with himself, while adults stood around laughing and clapping. i saw it,so its true/ so since you know everything about teresa, whats your answer for melissa and joey