RHONJ Too Boring, Producers Had To Readjust What Aired


Many viewers have noticed inconsistencies with the editing this season during The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and now a production insider is telling RadarOnline the final episodes were too boring to air, so production had to create more drama. “Seeing Teresa and Melissa fight was boring because no one was telling the truth about what had really happened so production made the decision to change what they first cut and make sure the drama was edited in,” the show insider reveals.

“The big fight that happened in March gave producers good material, but they were scrambling to have it make sense with the relationships with all of the people,” the source says. Bravo was not legally allowed to air the physical altercation that occurred at the opening of POSCHE 2, which was the season’s main source of drama. “It was hard for producers to edit out all of the good parts of the fight, and then they had to make the episodes leading up to it make sense so they re-edited the final episodes to create more drama,” the source says.

“They wanted to have a really dramatic season and so they made sure that the final episodes had the best details from everyone’s interactions,” the insider shares.

Photo Credit: Bravo