RHONJ Alliances Change! Former Enemies Now Friends!

Caroline Manzo

Real Housewives of New Jersey Star Caroline Manzo revealed on Watch What Happens Live that Season 5 is going to be the BEST Season of the show yet! As filming is nearing its end, Caroline tells Naughty But Nice Rob that there are a lot of changes happening on the show. Alliances are changing and former enemies are becoming friends!

“I think you’re going to see this season a lot of movement. Whether there will be a friendship with Teresa I can’t comment, but I think as a decent human you have to open up yourself and ask what went wrong.”

Caroline can’t reveal too much about the current state of friendships or “Bravo will get her.”

“Bravo wouldn’t do bodily harm but it’s completely taboo to say anything and you have to respect the position you’re in because they are my employers. I understand where they are coming from. There’s a lot of money put into these shows and they don’t need a housewife running rampant telling story lines, it’s the last thing they need.”

Our insiders confirm Caroline did make amends with Teresa while filming Season 5, and as we previously reported, accompanied Teresa & Joe, Melissa & Joe, and Kathy & Rich on the cast trip to Lake George.

Photo Credit: Bravo


2 Replies to “RHONJ Alliances Change! Former Enemies Now Friends!”

  1. This poor excuse of a woman and mother has a silly book of fiction to sell. Of course she will befriend Teresa – anything for survival, right. This show is just a Andy Cohen joke.

  2. Andy Cohan is making a mint on these housewives who truly aren’t housewives as we know in the real world. he likes the fights and wants the fights to continue or no show. think he could come up with a better way of living and the tars that go on his show are stupid to play games with him. probably blackmailing these dumb people. A real house wife doesn’t have nanny’s to take care of kids and don’t have make-up artists in their homes and clothes that could feed a lot of poor children. Does anyone care some children in school is their only meal of day? Sorry these shows are stupid. Homeless people could use some money and food. no-one on these shows could care less. Sad world we live in now!

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