Report: RHOM Season 4 Airing Spring Of 2015


According to a new report, The Real Housewives of Miami will be returning to Bravo next spring. Four former cast members will reportedly return and new faces will be introduced. LALATE reports that producers for the show are trying to make cast changes to prepare for a second allegiance of women after one “team” is already signed up and filming.

According to the report, Adriana de Moura, Alexia Ecehvarria, Marysol Patton and Lisa Hochstein will return as full-time Housewives and production and filming is underway. The show is expected to follow the women from summer into late fall.

Bravo has yet to confirm RHOM’s return and our show insiders say this report is “completely false.”

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7 Replies to “Report: RHOM Season 4 Airing Spring Of 2015”

  1. So Lea’s not returning either? Four former cast mates… do they mean former as in weren’t in Season 3 or just former as in ones that were there before?

  2. If Joanna isn’t in it, I’m not interested. And the fact they have to look for a team to fill up the cast shows the mentality of the other girls, that they team together & gang up on smaller groups

  3. I’d rather watch “ladies of London” or even “melbourne”— The miami gals were a bit racist against the “white ladies”, so tired of their “cuban” roots thing—lame and boring………
    alexia had a son attack and assault a homeless man (while filming it), and alexia’s ex hubby was a notorious drug dealer sent to prison.
    adriana was a liar for over 3 seasons (insisting she was not married, when she was), she is a foreign social climber (lame),
    marysol had real issues and was boring w/o her mom (whom miss andy loved for some sick reason).
    lisa was a botox barbie with no real purpose other than hiding her vegas stripper past.
    The only ones worth watching were roman, and his hot fiance (the polish beauty/model)..

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