RHOM Season 3 Preview & Cast Revealed!


The Real Housewives of Miami are back for season 3! Lisa Hochstein, Lea Black, Adriana de Moura, Joanna Krupa and Alexia Echevarria are official Housewives in the new season, while Marysol Patton and Ana Quincoces will be featured in smaller roles. But don’t worry, Mama Elsa is back!

“Excitement runs high this season as both Joanna and Adriana plan their dream weddings, but not everything is smooth sailing as Joanna and Romain disagree about a pre-nuptial agreement and Adriana deals with the aftermath of her friends finding out the truth about her relationship with her fiancé. Lea finds new bonds forming and old friendships are put to the test as she tries to prove she is more than just a housewife. Alexia’s focus remains on her two sons: Frankie who continues to make strides in his recovery from an automobile accident, and Peter, who is also going through some challenging times in his life. Even though Lisa struggles with fertility issues, she is determined to grow her family and will do whatever it takes to have a baby. Whether strolling down Lincoln Road or sipping mojitos on South Beach, these ladies prove why Miami is one of the sexiest and sultriest cities in the world.”

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7 Replies to “RHOM Season 3 Preview & Cast Revealed!”

  1. I’m so sick of jersey already, (if it wasnt for Milania, i would tune that b**** out!) I’m so happy they’re coming back soon! I missed Lisa’s perfect fembot (housebot?) beauty realness! Mama Elsa who?

  2. Last season the buzz surrounding the rebooted RHOM was great. It seemed live telenovele.
    It sizzled it was sexy and had lots of fun fights.

    This season looks like a snooze fest. Fertility issues and wedding plans. Boring. We’ve seen that all before.

  3. LOVE the RHOM!!!! The women look better this year and the drama is more intense. Can’t wait for the second episode !!!

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