RHOM Season 3 Cast Changes! Was Karent Sierra Fired?


The Real Housewives of Miami have started filming Season 3, and has we expected, Karent Sierra will NOT be returning for another Season of the show. Mr. Housewife spoke exclusively with Karent, and despite the many rumors she was fired, Karen insists she left the show because she didn’t want to deal with the cattiness involving the women.

Karent explains that she plans to focus her time on other TV projects and Karent is thankful for the good friendships she made while filming RHOM. Mr. Housewife also reports that Marysol Patton has been demoted to a “Friend Of The Housewives.”

What would YOU like to see happen with the cast changes in Season 3 of RHOM?

Photo Credit: Bravo


3 Replies to “RHOM Season 3 Cast Changes! Was Karent Sierra Fired?”

  1. LOVE that Karent is gone! Pretty please can she take that big man/woman with her? I have no ideas for replacement HWs though. Are Johanna and Marta leaving too? Please say yes! 🙂 Surely Lea can think of some ladies to fill those spots. I love Mia but I do not like that Thomas Kramer. No more. He’s gross!

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