RHOM Season 2 Reunion Previews! Plus- Photos From The Reunion!


The Real Housewives of Miami Season 2 Reunion is definitely going to bring some spice to Bravo! In the previews below you will see some of the fights that will happen when the ladies reunite to hash out the Season. Of course there is unsettled drama between Joanna and Adriana. When Andy asks Joanna about the status of her relationship with Romain, Adriana jumps in to say their recent break-up was a publicity stunt. This leads to a heated argument between the two enemies, watch below!

In the next preview for the RHOM Season 2 Reunion, Ana and Lea get into a heated argument. Ana says she has worked for everything she has and Lea has had the help of men along her way. Lea gets very angry and says what Ana is saying is “character assassination,” she even gets up out of her seat, and threatens Ana that she will reveal dirt on her! Watch below!

Check out the gallery of photos from the RHOM Season 2 Reunion below!

Tell Us- Are YOU excited for The RHOM Reunion?

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6 Replies to “RHOM Season 2 Reunion Previews! Plus- Photos From The Reunion!”

  1. I used to like Lea but why does she have to continue to be so mean to Marysol. I think Ana is the most genuine of all the Miami housewives.

  2. In response to Safin. At least Joanna is a Legal u.s. citizen and u can understand her English. Ur just jealous cuz she is the best looking one. Ha ha!

  3. Safin, your obviously an idiot, if you think Ana is genuine. She don’t fool me! She’s just another dirty, mean, jealous, loud mouth, disrespecting Hispanic! Typical! No class, why do you think she lost her husband!. Joanna is the nicest, most level headed person on the show. At least we can all be assured she came here (from Europe) legally! She may just be caught up in all the bullsh1t. But when in Rome! Why not? Maybe she’ll wise up and move away from the “PIT” they call Florida!

  4. Dicky D,

    My maid came here from Poland. She came on a visa and stayed without a J1 visa. Please do to be racist in your statement. Ana is legal. When you are a member of the bar she would not have been admitted to practice in FL if she were illegal.

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