RHOM: Mama Elsa Patton Before Plastic Surgery

Mama Elsa has certainly made a name for herself on The Real Housewives of Miami. Her daughter, Marysol Patton is the housewife, but Mama Elsa is the breakout star! On the premiere of Season 2 of RHOM Elsa finally opened up about her botched plastic surgery. She spoke about the surgeon that “ruined” her face. So we got to thinking what did Mama Elsa look like before the plastic surgery? Here’s some old family photos we found from Bravo, click on the picture to enlarge it!

As you can see from the old pictures, Mama Elsa was a beautiful young woman, who looks a lot like Marysol! Elsa, 76 years-old, is loving the show, and loving being in the spotlight! Marysol recently told Star Magzine, “It happened very organically. She gets excited having a film crew to entertain. She’s always asking me, ‘Where are the cameras? When are they coming over?’” She certainly makes us laugh!

UPDATE: A lot of viewers want to know what procedures Mama Elsa has had done. So we did some research, and while she’s never admitted to exactly what she’s had, doctors have speculated while looking at the before and after photos. They said she probably started with breast implants, then got into facelifts, nose jobs, and injectables. Having a full facelift along with a browlift, and eyelid surgery, is where things started going wrong. Then she has appeared to have massive amounts of  Botox, Restylane, and Juvederm, which made things even worse. This is what has caused her to not be able to move her face, along with the severe puffiness, and swollen cheeks.

Photo Credit: Bravo


6 Replies to “RHOM: Mama Elsa Patton Before Plastic Surgery”

  1. I could do without Taylor on this show. I cannot stand the way she acts or looks, for that matter. Please replace her with someone who is fun and not such an alcoholic and drama freak!
    She stated that Brandy was unpredictable in social settings? Really? She is an absolute embarrassment!

  2. Lisa thinks she is the Queen of them all. She is the Queen of boring. Yolanda and David are so full of themselves thinking that their guests would all want to sit and listen to him play and others sing. Really? I’d much rather visit and chat with the other guests. They both appear to be control freaks.

  3. I beieve that for some reason, Lisa Vanderpump is jealous of Adrianne. I think it’s because she has way more money. I think that bothers Lisa.

  4. Lea puts everyone down, one way or anther and tries to pass it all off with “I’m kidding!” Sarcasm is a sneaky way of saying what you really think and pretending like it’s just a joke.
    I’m glad to see her speaking truthfully lately, not using sarcasm to ge by.

    Momma Elsa is my absolute favorite of them all!!!

  5. Please!! No more Faye Resnick!! She fancies herself some sort of self taught psychologist and comes across as a know-it-all. Railing on Brandi about something she knows nothing about AT ALL!!
    And I agree with Jamie, enough with Taylor!! After the yelling match with Adrienne and Brandi, it was all about Taylor. “I’m shaking too”!! And putting her head in her hands like she was involved in the fight. ENOUGH DRAMA QUEEN!!!!

  6. @jaime

    Sorry at this point Lisa has more money than Adrienne. The Maloofs sold their beer distributorship to make a baloon payment on the Palms and lost 98% of the Palms anyway. They sold the golden goose and got nothing for it. Adrienne isn’t worth more than 20 million at this point…trust.

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