RHOM: Joanna Krupa Responds To Adriana Flirting With Her Fiancé!

Real Housewives of Miami is starting to heat up! We started to see some drama out of the ladies Thursday night. We watched as Adriana De Moura blatantly flirted with Joanna Krupa’s fiance, Romain Zago, at the 10th anniversary party for his club ‘Mynt Lounge.’ As Joanna was having a mini-meltdown, Adriana told Romain he should really reconsider dating blondes saying, “They might wake up pretty but they sure are ugly at night.”

Joanna furiously responded to the comment in her Bravo Blog saying,  “Unfortunately this specific brunette is just plain ugly day or night, and I am not talking about her outward appearance.” Joanna continues, “She was full on flirting with my man when her fiance is home??? No wonder she does not wear her engagement ring: maybe he didn’t feel she is worthy and never bought her one?”

Adriana excused her behavior in her blog saying she just felt sorry for Romain that Joanna ruined his special night saying, “You may think I was flirting, but I’m Brazilian, we flirt as a means of communicating, no malice involved!”

Sorry Adriana, but telling somebody else’s man, “You can’t only have vanilla taste, a little chocolate is okay too,” isn’t really appropriate no matter where you come from.

Tell Us- Whose side are you on?

Photo Credit: Bravo


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