RHOM Cancelled? Lea Black Says No Decisions Have Been Made


On Tuesday, Bravo released its new TV lineup and noticeably missing was The Real Housewives of Miami! The list included Kim Zolciak’s spin-off Don’t Be Tardy, Vanderpump Rules, Manzo’d With Children and Kandi Burruss’ wedding special. With no word of RHOM, this sparked chatter that the network may have cancelled the show, unless they decided to push filming back to late fall.

However, Lea Black is telling RumorFix that no decisions have been made yet. “No decisions have been made as to whether the show has been renewed or not,” Black told the site. “The show wouldn’t have been on the fall line up yet anyway, as possible filming was delayed, you know everything about Miami is always late!”

Do you want to see RHOM return or do you think Bravo should expand the franchise to a new city?

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12 Replies to “RHOM Cancelled? Lea Black Says No Decisions Have Been Made”

  1. I hope they cancel it personally. It was awful last season and I think they should take some inspiration from Vancouver and Melbourne Housewives and start in a new city. Somewhere in the south would be fun.

  2. The show would be better if Joanne and Adrianna were booted off. Women don’t like to see the behavior the two displayed on the show…..

  3. Yes it should be cancelled. My most favorite to watch was D.C. At least DC had the most interesting , smart and accomplished women. Of course the most infamous couple won’t be back since the White House affair but I am sure any replacement would be better than any of the other franchises.

  4. Liked Lisa and the rest of the cast do not want to make me watch again .. I love in UK and would love to watch some empowered women; who make me proud to one but I havn’t yet…

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