RHOD Star Tiffany Hendra Responds to Adult Film Allegations


Bravo has announced the premiere date for the Real Housewives of Dallas and with that has already brought some controversy. Cast member Tiffany Hendra who made a name for herself in Los Angeles as a TV host, actress and model reportedly has a past in the adult film industry.

Page Six was the first to break the news that when searching Tiffany’s maiden name on the internet, photos of her pop up from the porn industry. “A quick search for ‘Tiffany Bolton,’ her maiden name, turns up several NSFW photos and videos of the new reality star dating back to 1999. ”

Hendra’s biography on Bravo’s RHOD page reads; “Tiffany has a troubling past from her time in the limelight, but with her unwavering faith and growing foundation in Dallas, this Asian-American spitfire hopes to create her own voice and rediscover her roots.”

Since these allegations have surfaced, Tiffany has clarified about her so called “troubled past” to Real Mr. Housewife.

“I’m seeing all the porn allegations and Page Six. It cracks me up actually. I would never do porn!”

She then continued, “I was a lead in a 13 episode HBO/Cinemax series. It’s on my IMDB. So what I showed my tits and had love scenes, but what actress hasn’t. I did that series before I was married and it’s part of my journey. I own it.”

For the show’s debuting season we will reportedly see Tiffany return back to her hometown in Dallas and reconnect with her best friend LeAnn Locken. The former model has been married to Australian rockstar Aaron for 12 years and spend her time focussing on a lifestyle blog & YouTube Channel called Sanctuary Of Style and is involved in charities.

Are you excited for RHOD?

Photo Credit: Bravo