RHOD Star Stephanie Hollman Donates Bone Marrow to Stranger

Real Housewives of Dallas star Stephanie Hollman recently underwent a procedure to donate bone marrow to a complete stranger and now she is opening up about the procedure that could have saved a stranger’s life.

Two days before Easter, Stephanie learned that she was the only match to a mom with cancer after receiving a call from a donor center that matches donors to people with blood cancer, Hollman recently reacalled to FOX 4 News. Stephanie had swabbed her cheeks for the donor center while at a fun run four years ago. The chances of being a match to a non-family member are less than 1 percent, according to FOX 4 News’ report. “I mean, I have nothing to lose and she has everything to gain,” Stephanie said.

Stephanie prepped for the procedure by getting shots to increase her white blood cell count, which made her sluggish and sore. She flew to Oklahoma City last week to have the peripheral stem cell donation performed, which she likened to giving blood, except for five hours a day. She was able to make a donation of 10 million white blood cells to the woman through a program called DKMS.

Her husband Travis called her a superhero, by captioning the photo, “in my books! I couldn’t have asked for a more selfless, kind-hearted, caring wife and mother to our children. I love you baby! Please keep Steph in your thoughts and prayers as she goes under for the procedure! #RHOD #bonemarrowdonation #bethechange #MatchMadeInHeaven #mylife #godisgoodallthetime #prayformyrecipient #DKMS

Stephanie now calls the woman she donated to her “blood sister.” “Helping somebody even live, even if it’s five more years, I feel like that’s a job well done at the end of the day,” Stephanie said. “And I think that’s what everyone wants out of their life.”

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5 Replies to “RHOD Star Stephanie Hollman Donates Bone Marrow to Stranger”

  1. What an,altruistic Lady! How . I don’t remember who she is but I think it is rather heroic to give an actual part of yourself to potentially save a life or make a life better!

  2. What a wonderful act of kindness to help save a young mother’s life. To hear something so selfless, makes me feel that housewives should focus less on their nonsense & triviality & give more of their hearts to the world.

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