RHOD Star LeeAnne Locken Finally Engaged

RHOD star LeeAnne Locken is finally engaged! Well she actually got engaged in October of 2016 at the Texas State Fair but, the episode where LeeAnne gets engaged just aired.

“It was the happiest carnival prize ever,” LeeAnne told PEOPLE. “I had no clue. Honestly, Rich surprises me every single time that he does something over-the-top, romantic and kind. I’m always like, ‘Wow your heart has such a huge capacity for love.’ The whole thing really just blew me away. I’m incredibly lucky.”

There is a reason that Rich proposed at a carnival.

“I had always said I really want to get engaged at the fair because I feel like there’s part of me that’s still at the carnival — that nobody wants, that’s literally just waiting at the midway for someone to come and say, ‘You’re worthy. I love you. You’re wanted. You can leave now,’ ” LeeAnne said. “So when he did it here, it was the completion. It’s like that moment where God steps in and you don’t even realize it and he says, ‘I know that you’ve struggled with this. Here’s your moment forward.’ ”

LeeAnne thought the propsal would happen on the ferris wheel, but Rich wanted to surprise her so he decided to do it in the ballon pop game. “That was one of the longest jobs I ever had, working the back boards of a balloon game,” LeeAnne explained. “Those boards, on a traveling circus, they turn. So someone’s on the back blowing them up and hanging them and then you turn the board around and it’s a fresh thing of balloons. That was my job for eons.”

“When we popped the balloon and I saw the box, it made no sense to me. I was like, ‘This is not how this carnival game works. What is this, why is it different?’ ” LeeAnne joked. “He surprised the hell out of me.”

“It’s ginormous,” LeeAnne said of the ring, which she estimated to be close to 10 carats. “I was like, ‘Rich this is way too big. Like what are you thinking?’ And he was like, ‘You know what. This is the last one. This is the one that matters. You deserve this.’ ”

LeeAnne was shocked to find out why Rich picked clear diamonds.

“I’ve always told him that I love marquise. Like, he’s known that forever. But I had always said I liked yellow or pink hearts. And he said, ‘LeeAnne I didn’t want anyone to say this wasn’t true love. I wanted our hearts to be pure and white.’ And I’m just like, ‘Uh, you don’t have to say anything right now.’ You’re getting laid, alright!

LeeAnne never told her RHOD co-stars about the engagement.

“I didn’t want to be made to feel light of,” LeeAnne, said. “The reason I’ve never been married is because I respect the institution so much. I knew there was going to be plenty of disrespect going on among the group and I didn’t want to disrespect what’s important to me.”

As for when the wedding will take place?

“We are looking at probably a summer wedding next year,” LeeAnne said. “I really don’t want a huge wedding. I want something small and intimate. The people who are at the wedding 100 percent believe in this relationship and will have a lot of involvement. I don’t even want a solo honeymoon! I want a bunch of couples, and we all go away to Ibiza for a weekend or something. It’s really a celebration. My friends have gone through this struggle with me, and I feel like this is a celebration they deserve to enjoy too.”

Watch the proposal below:

Congrats to LeeAnne and Rich!

Photo Credit: Bravo