RHOD Star Brandi Redmond Talks Relationship with Husband Bryan

RHOD star Brandi Redmond didn’t worry about opening her life up, including the bad, last season, even when it came to her marital issues with her husband.

Brandi spoke with The Daily Dish and talked about how her relationship with her husband is now.

“Bryan and I are amazing. If you go back, if you look at what we went through, I think it was a learning lesson for both of us. We learned to communicate better and just reflecting back on that, it was actually a blessing, because we were able to pull ourselves together, go through counseling, and really focus on the things that we really needed to to make our marriage better,” Brandi said. “I love that I had the opportunity to come back and show it to everybody. It makes me smile.”

Brandi then talked about how they renewed there vows last year in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

“I think what’s funny is we were all wearing pretty dresses, the girls, and my husband comes out with all the guys, and they’re all wearing robes and then they take them all off and they’re in little whitey-tidys. And I’m like, ‘Wait, I can’t post these pictures,'” Brandi said of a moment during her vow renewal. “It was fun, and I think it was more intimate, and we needed it.”


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Brandi said we are going to see a happier side of Bryan this season saying, “He was very closed off. He was scared because he didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into.  And this season, I think you’re going to be very surprised with Bryan because his personality really shines and he relaxed and he was himself and he had fun doing it.”

Brandi did reveal that Bryan doesn’t watch the show saying, “Bryan and I’s relationship and everything we went through last season, it definitely made us stronger,” Brandi said. “Watching yourself kind of put down your husband a little bit, instead of being his cheerleader and his biggest fan, that kind of hurt me, just seeing that I wasn’t so supportive of him. Now I’m more in tune to, like, ‘How was your day?’ And try and pick him up at the end of the day so [he wants] to come home and feel warm and inviting. Before I was like, ‘My day’s been hard and bad, too.’ So, you know, I had that type of attitude, and now I’m more so, trying to stay excited.”

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  1. I started listening to the Daily Dish podcast….those interviews are really in depth and they always drop so much backstory that we miss onscreen. I was going to listen to this one today in the cab home from work but I got all caught up in the political news, sigh.

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