RHOD Season 2 Taglines

The cast of The Real Housewives of Dallas will be back soon to kick off their second season, and now we have a special sneak peek of the ladies and their taglines.

Brandi Redmond
“I cheered for the Cowboys, so I never get played.”

Stephanie Hollman
“I married into money, but family is my fortune.”

Cary Deuber
“Every girl has skeletons in their closet. Mine are next to my Birkin.”

D’Andra Simmons
“I started from the Dallas dynasty, but I’ll finish with my own empire.”

Kameron Westcott
“Dumb blondes get noticed. Smart blondes get everything.”

LeeAnne Locken
“I’m a true Texan. No bull, but all horns.”

Watch the clip below.

RHOD premieres August 14th. Will you be tuning in? Who’s tagline is your favorite?

Photo Credit: Bravo


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  1. I didn’t watch last season but have it taped. I spent yesterday trying to catch up. I still have three episodes to go to be caught up before the new season begins. Anyone else watching this?

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