RHOC’s Tamra Barney Judge Finally Changes Name


Even though we all know Tamra Barney got married to Eddie Judge in June of 2013, she has finally changed her last name to Judge.

She shared this on Friday “What can I say, I’m a procrastinator,” Tamra wrote on Instagram. Following up saying, “Call me Mrs. Eddie Judge.”

Tamra added another photo on Instagram showing the document of her changing her name with the caption writing, “This is not a fake document or is it?”

It’s official I’m now a Judge 👩🏼👨🏻. #Mrs.Judge. This is NOT a fake document or is it 😂 ?

A photo posted by 🍊Tamra Judge🍊 (@tamrajudge) on

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Photo Credit: Bravo

Tina Cerami

Tina Cerami

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  • Sally

    Tammy Sue, why did it take you so long? Maybe because of the children? If I was getting married now I don’t think I would change my name, All of those many many years ago I didn’t have any choice as we lived in Dubai and I didn’t want to end up in prison!!! Which begs a question when is BH starting I am so looking forward to it!!
    Lastly nice snark about the fake document!!!!

    • CassyJ

      That is a very good reason to go a head an take his last name. I took my husbands because it moved me up in the alphabet. So now I don’t have to wait so long when I do things and names are in alphabetical order. 😉

      • Sally

        My old name was the same as the royals so I would have liked to keep it!

  • Cin

    I’ve always resented giving up my maiden name… now I use it as a middle name.

  • Duchess of Wienerschintzel

    Good for tamra….I changed my name when I married, I was the Baroness of Fleischrolladen…now I am the Duchess of Weinerschnitzel

    • The Countess of Hootersville

      I bet you are from the Royal House of Sauerkraut

      • Who cares Tamra- just a build up for her next seasons story she as no relevance she has to come up wit something– go way-kinda harsh Sauerkraut- is your Duchess of weeness

  • I like Tamra, always have. She’s done some stuff, but if she hadn’t she would then be called boring. Team Tamra.

  • Stacey

    Jeeze, Tamra….lay off the black paint (and uneven) thick black eyeliner. Ya look like a hookah.

  • My daughter went down to the S.S. building after she got married to have everything changed, and she told me there was a line of immigrants around the building. I have no idea if having money gets you a better place in line, but she went home. When she drove over the next time, different day of the week, same thing!
    I think Tamra looks great in this photo. I hope they last forever and her and the kids find peace.

  • getreal

    Why not change it back to Waddle? That way, she doesn’t have to bother going back and filling out forms for her future ex husbands.