RHOC’s Kelly Dodd Accused Of Physical and Verbal Attack


As we have reported, Real Housewives of Orange County’s Kelly Dodd past includes domestic abuse and restraining orders, but now that includes physically and verbally attacking her ex’s new fiancée according to new court documents.

On September 10, 2015, Dodd, who is listed as the victim in the case, reported a battery incident that took place at her daughter’s school.

“Dodd entered the classroom and confronted Delgadillo about a verbal argument both had at the school the previous day,” the report obtained by RadarOnline and the Newport Beach Police Department read. “Dodd was enraged as she began arguing and started, ‘F**k you b***h, you’re nothing but a stripper’ and began waving money in front of Delgadillo.”

Delgadillo, whose child attends the same school as Dodd’s daughter, grabbed her and “dug her nails into her arm.”

When the reporting officer spoke with Delgadillo, she explained how Dodd also reached out and grabbed her upper arm.

“While speaking with Delgadillo I observed several red and dark markings on her inner right arm,” the report read. “The markings appeared to be scratches that were beginning to bruise.”

The officer also indicated that Dodd had “several markings on her lower right forearm.” However, now arrests were made at the time of the incident.

Dodd filed a restraining order against Delgadillo after the incident took place on September 14, 2015.

“[She] says, ‘Look at your fake bag,’” Dodd wrote in the filing. “I in turn said, ‘Look at your fake hair, fake boobs and fake lips.’ She in turn digs her nails into my arm, in defense I put my nails into her.” She added, “Things are out of control. Things are escalating. I have been at this school for five years and she comes and attacks me!” Dodd also provided a series of Facebook messages, where Delgadillo allegedly called Dodd an “insecure cougar with a fat kid” and a “dirty beiner.”

The restraining order was denied without prejudice.

In January 2014, her ex-fiancé’s ex-wife filed a protective order against Dodd because she sent her emails and texts that were “derogatory in nature, inflammatory and harassing.”

The case was dismissed in February 2014.

Then in July 2014, her then-estranged husband Michael Dodd hit Kelly with a restraining order after a July 2014 domestic violence arrest.

The order was terminated in February 2015.

Are you surprised by Kelly’s past behavior?

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22 Replies to “RHOC’s Kelly Dodd Accused Of Physical and Verbal Attack”

  1. If this is true, they are both pieces of shit and the fact that children are involved, makes them even lower than POS’s….Congratulations Bravo, you are now casting up to VHI and Oxygen standards!!! Why don’t you just name the shows…the bad girls club of OC, BH, NJ and AT. I really hope that all of this is just not true.

  2. The Mob Wives behave better than this trash. It’s an all time low to drag this into a classroom. They should both be kicked out of the school, pick up their children outside not in the school building. What on earth is Bravo up to, they might enjoy it but we don’t! Xoxoxo

  3. Kelly is always screaming I’M A GREAT MOM which means she’s trying to convince everyone and herself she is. I’m sorry but the constant drunken spectacle she makes of herself the screeching the constant dramatic over the top crying says otherwise to me this woman is a total nut case.

  4. Kelly, my dear, you need some therapy ,& most importantly, check into boxing, or the martial arts to channel all that anger.

    As far as someone digging their nails into me, let’s just say, It would be their last dig.

    1. That first paragraph: swear I just cackled so loudly the neighbors must have heard me half way up the street, LOL

  5. I agree with southern plaid to get into some boxing classes or some form of exercise to channel her anger but to me kelly lacks self awareness so she won’t. The way she disparages her husband makes me cringe. Let the viewers decide who is goid cop bad cop al so when it comes to the subject of being a good mother. Constantly saying ” I am a good mother”. Tells me she is really insecure. I believe her now husband had enough on her to get the major custody whn they were divorcing which I thk will reoccur & is a huge source of her insecurity. After all this being said I actually like kelly just not her behavior.

  6. This chick is a mess! I’m predicting right now that she is destined to be a one-season wonder.
    Her mental health is questionable.

  7. Ratings are key for any program to stay on the air and be a vehicle for financial coverage of production cost and profits for shareholders. Morals, decency and responsible representation all bow down to the Financial Ratings Guru. That Guru is comfortably ensconced in the bowels of Bravo. So sad.

    Bring back the days when the worst story line was Megan (another miserable soul that needs to be cut) was accused of trying to make Shannon “uncharitable”. Or when Brianna had her wisdom teeth pulled and her tender, loving, caring Mother Vickie brought her home, put her to bed and went back to work. How about Tamara & Eddie wedding when “Jesus Jugs” was invited. And we will never be able to live our happy little lives without the warm fuzzy memories of Jo dancing around in her Friends Maid outfit as she dusted and cleaned for Slade. Ohhhhh, the good old days.

  8. Kelly complains endlessly about her husband but she seems to pick fights with him endlessly. She seems to have a hard time getting along great with anyone. She is doing her daughter no favors by constantly bashing her dad. She lacks self awareness.

  9. Kelly is a mess, indeed. But I’m curious who sent Radar the goods on this, because the ex-wife of her ex-boy-ancé (boyfriend/fiancé) has been quite the busy bee reaching out online to dish dirt on Kelly to anyone who shows the slightest interest, and now this info from 6 years ago regarding his current gal. People really do hold onto things for a miiiiighty long time….

    1. Correction, I meant to type 1 year ago re: Kelly’s incident: I’m also in the middle of writing a report comparing elements of a fashion collection to another from 6 years ago and my wires are getting crossed (I NEED COFFEEEEEEE!) lol

  10. I have watched this show from day one and she is by far the most INSANE EVIL person I have ever witnessed. Tamra wasn’t even close on her worst day and praise God she is now a believer, a breath of fresh air now! The devil just comes out of her soul! I am a young 61 and I would never even think about speaking to people like she does. I really don’t like the show with her on it and PRAY she leaves sooner rather than later!! Please Bravo get rid of her. Kelly please get help as you really do need it regardless of what you think! Prayers are with you all!

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