RHOC Women Accuse Gretchen Rossi Of Proposing To Slade For A Storyline


Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion is going to be just as intense as part 1. In this preview, the women accuse Gretchen Rossi of being fake on camera. When Andy asks for an example, Vicki shares that she believes Gretchen’s engagement to Slade was fake, and if it weren’t for the cameras, it wouldn’t have happened. “Last year you didn’t want to marry him,” Alexis chimes in to Vicki’s defense.

“I don’t know if she does or doesn’t [want to marry Slade],” Vicki says. “I just think the elaborate engagement was done for TV.”

“The stories were that you had nothing great going on this year,” Lydia adds of Gretchen’s story line for the show. “There was nothing that you had exposed. So you got nervous and said ‘I’m going to propose to Slade then, because that’s a story.'”

Heather Dubrow believes Slade and Gretchen want to be together but shares that when watching Gretchen’s “life moment” she felt “hollow.”

Watch below.

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7 Replies to “RHOC Women Accuse Gretchen Rossi Of Proposing To Slade For A Storyline”

  1. I didn’t hear Vicki or anyone else running her mouth last year after Tamara and Eddy’s engagement while on their vacation. That was just as planned much of a planned storyline as Gretchen and Slades. Do people really believe that these shows are spontaneous and not well planned out and rehearsed?

  2. If she did plan it for air time, at least it was more interesting and compelling than Tamra’s tacky bathtub contrivance, or any of her fake crying scenes. It was more real and believable than the poorly acted pretend-we-haven’t-already-dont-the-blocking-and-had-rehearsals conversation between Heather and her husband at the new house site. It was more palatable than Vicki’s screams and screeches for attention. I actually had a tear in my eye when Slade did as Gretchen sang “Marry me,” even though I have no great attachment to either of them. That was real! And good TV.

  3. I despise Miss Vickie. How can that witch critisize Gretchen after that sham of a wedding she had between her and Don just a couple of years ago. What a two faced WItch with a capital B she is.

  4. Pretending like Shadey still had his radio job at the time of the proposal was completely deceitful. Wretchen and Shadey, both, should be ashamed of trying to fool viewers like that. For someone who once said in her blog that she “refuses to be fake”, I find that to be pretty darn fake.

  5. I never understood why Slade did not work in the same line of work he did when he was supposedly earning hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even if he just made a fraction of what he supposedly made then it would have had to be more that the nothing he earned while “working” for Gretchen.

  6. I disagree with Heather. It didn’t seem hollow at all. I believe the housewives’ feelings toward the couple biased them along with hurt feelings by not being invited. Honestly, they all laughed at the term bully being used by Axis earlier this season but it certainly seems like they all are ganging up on Gretchen. It is truly digesting see grown women act like shrieking idiots but it is a train wreck that I can’t help but watch.

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