RHOC Stars Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd Bond Over Marriage Issues

Viewers might think RHOC stars Kelly Dodd and Shannon Beador might not ever get along after all the problems the two have had over the last two seasons, but that might not be the case.

“Surprisingly, after all the drama between the two of them this season, Shannon and Kelly are actually leaning on each other for support right now,” a source revealed. “Shannon knows what Kelly is going through because both of them are stuck in miserable marriages that just aren’t working!”

“The only difference between Michael and David is that David is fame hungry and Michael isn’t,” the source alleged to RadarOnline.

“But Shannon knows what Kelly is going through and they both also share the common love of alcohol. Since the season wrapped, the two of them have been hanging out and David cannot stand that fact that his wife is hanging out with Kelly because he thinks she is just awful.”

Are you surprised that Shannon and Kelly have bonded?

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40 Replies to “RHOC Stars Shannon Beador and Kelly Dodd Bond Over Marriage Issues”

    1. I agree Rain…. I think it’s bs. None of it rings true except both pairs are splitting- although I do see them becoming friends. I never looked at David as a fame seeker in any way.

  1. Nothing brings people together like mutual hatred. So does this mean that Shannon and David are splitsville? Please yes. She will be somewhat less insufferable if she overcomes this hurdle. Dodd & Shannon should get a place together and have a show about being newly single in your 40s. They’re both hilarious.

  2. I am of the opinion that morally they’re all on exactly the same level. They all whore themselves out on trash tv (that, admittedly, I watch), they all throw their private business out there for all to see, they all get wasted on tv and act like trash in front of their children and families and they all wish they weren’t in their current age brackets and it shows. The only difference between any of them from my vantage point is their list of undesirable traits. One lies, one is haughty, one is stupid, and so on. Mere demographics and semantics.

      1. Hahaha, well, I have to say, rain made an excellent point that I had to consider and admit lol.

        I do like that most people here seem to prefer to discuss and listen rather than verbally abuse each other and tell them how wrong they are. How nice!

        1. Oh exactly , it’s nice to sometimes look at things from a different perspective . Most of us here do have different opinions but respect that we are entitled our opinions . You and I for example , but I love that you open my mind to thinking outside of my little box

  3. You’re so right. I completely agree. That’s quite an observation, and perfectly said! Never thought of it that way.

    I don’t wanna bash your girl, I just want you to know that I hold them ALL in the same disdain lol so I’m not singling anyone out. Ha! I actually also support them equally too. Like, Shannon, I know you’re a fan, and I do have high hopes for her. But I can’t root for Shannon and not Kelly when it comes to their husbands. I guess, to support your statement, you’re right, there’s one I hold in permanent contempt…and that one is Tamra. Mostly because I feel like she’s SO disingenuous, and will literally sell her soul for….I don’t even know. Money? Notoriety? Pseudo-fame? Anyway, strongly dislike.

    I think they’ve all done some whacky stuff, but no matter who we root for, they’re keeping us entertained, that’s for sure!!

  4. David a fame seeker? That’s BS. If he was he’d be up Shannon’s rear end and hanging out with her not hiding away. They think we are stupid. #FakeNews

    1. I would Never recommend planning a Wedding to anyone..
      I wanted to elope..
      However, this will be beautiful memory and I am finished writing checks..

  5. It seems this season most of the guys are in the background. Only a few scenes with the men. Eddie seems to have disappeared!!! I agree – Vicki will get between Kelly & Shannon.

  6. Shannon was on WWHL last night and said she heard about Kelly’s divorce the same way everyone else did, through the media. Shannon said she hasn’t spoken with Kelly since she announced her divorce last month. So obviously “the source” was wrong about them leaning on each other. I love it when “the source” is proven wrong.

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