RHOC Star Vicki Gunvalson Has Daughter and Grandson’s Approval of New Boyfriend

In a recent clip from Bravo, RHOC star Vicki Gunvalson talks about getting approval from her grandson regarding her new boyfriend, Steve Lodge, as well as talking to her daughter Briana about her children and raising them.

“It’s hard having toddlers with my spouse being out of state,” Briana tells Vicki adding, “It’s OK. I’m your spouse… I totally take care of the children whenever I can.”

Also seen in the clip above we see that Vicki’s new boyfriend Steve Lodge has been spending some time with her grandchildren. “It’s so nice to like my mom’s boyfriend for once. Steve is totally a saint. He has a job, he doesn’t hit on me,” she said, with a laugh.

Vicki has already talked on social media about what a role Steve plays in her family. “What a great guy! Steve picked up the boys from school while I was working & helped them make a wooden car and then had them plant a garden,” she shared on Instagram. She added, “#greatman #boyslovehim #i[heart]him #rhoc #simplethings #notv #mygrandsons.”

Much different than Vicki’s previous boyfriend it seems.

Always fun being with Briana and @heathermcdonald @ryan_culberson @lodge4anaheim

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Are you excited for the new season?

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  • Melanka Trump

    How sad…a grownup-assed woman has to get approval for who she dates

  • Robert

    She’s a bitch, who cares?

    • Rain

      I totally agree ! She’s gutter trash repulsive

  • Daisy

    Vicki and her love tank . Gross and puke

    • Rain


  • Ashley Madison

    That love tank must be getting filled up at least once a week… maybe it´s not so tight as Brooks used to describe it

  • Cin

    Brianna should take a closer look at her own husband’s personality faults. I don’t see him as a very nice man.

  • Trixiebelle

    I hate Vicki.

    • Ashley Madison

      Or maybe you’re jealous that your love tank doesn’t get filled regularly LMAO !