RHOC Star Tamra Judge Talks Relationship with Heather Dubrow

Now that RHOC is in full swing and it is the first season in quite sometime without “fancy pants,” Heather Dubrow, it has you wondering if one of Heather’s good friends from the show Tamra Judge still speaks with her.

During Monday night’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Tamra answered just that.

Andy asked Tamra, if she is still in touch with Heather?

Tamra responded saying, “Yes we are.”

Which surprised Andy and he responded saying, “Oh you are? She unfollowed everyone on social media.”

Too which Tamra responded saying, “She did, I think it was really hard for her leaving the show and seeing everything that was going on. She is a very sensitive girl.”

Check out the clip below:

Does this surprise you?

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14 Replies to “RHOC Star Tamra Judge Talks Relationship with Heather Dubrow”

  1. Oh dear, Heather sensitive? No, that’s not the truth. Snooty, Yes.
    Tamara’s make-up & outfit is not a good look for her. It does not look natural, just too dark & over done.

  2. Heather is such a snob, that after she decided to leave the show, she wanted nothing to do with all those women! She was a fake friend!!

    1. I agree. Heather should be more humble. So her husband is a doctor. Why doesn’t he find a cure for cancer than get rich from people’s vanity. I have no respect for plastic surgery doctors. Tamara is done. Put a fork in this old loud mouth and she is done. Like a turkey. Get her and Vickie off the show

      1. I was born with a birth defect that made my face stick out significantly to one side. Last month at the age of 44, I finally had it fixed (new photo not yet posted!). It was a plastic surgeon who fixed it. And the love and respect I have for that plastic surgeon knows no bounds. It isn’t all nosejobs and titties.

        1. Hello Christopher!
          I am so Pleased that you Found
          An Excellent Plastic Surgeon, who corrected your facial Birth Defect!
          Most people have absolutely no,concept what ,”Miracle Workers” Plastic Surgeons” are!
          I am sure your Self Esteem, Confidence and Spirit has been lifted and Healed Tremendously!
          Thank You, for Sharing Such a Personal Story and for enlightening many, on, the Artistry and of course the Validity of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Field!

      2. Vickie first! Like this guy she’s suppose to be with….so not cool. Miss Lydia may be backing the too old OG of the OC !

    1. I can’t see Heather actually having REAL friends. We saw a few the first season she was on (they were supposed to be opening a restaurant together) and never again. She’s very pretentious and I think that would get tedious over time.

  3. Tamra seems to have no idea that Heather thinks she’s way to good for Trailer Trash Tamra. I will say her hair looks adorable. At first glance she looked just like Debbie Harry from the 80’s band Blondie. That long haired vixen crap has got to go with these women in their late 40s- 50s. It makes their faces look even older.

  4. Y’all, I’m tired of all our Housewives running around wearing all of these cut-outs and peekaboos! It’s driving me nuts.

  5. She had a facelift. I think she did it just right! Not too much tinkering with the face, just a little light lift here and there. Ever since she said she had the work, I’ve been calling it the “Soap Opera Special”: it reminds me of all those soap stars that never age after being on a show for 30 years, but you KNOW they have a doctor that sort of just suspends their face in time.. the trick is they do it without making them look unrecognizable. Most reality stars don’t understand the meaning of moderation when it comes to altering their faces..and they all seem to be buying the same “model” of busts, bums, noses, hips, and lips, too. They all come out looking like the same Build-a-Body android sex doll (shudders)…

  6. LOL, it’s true that these days you can hardly tell many of the women apart. It’s almost as if everyone is simply going into an office and picking body parts from a catalog! Reminds me of a Mattel factory just building Barbie dolls all day long!

    But yes, while she may have also had a bit of fillers at some point, Tamra actually confessed during all her press junkets for the show that she had a lower facelift and an eye tuck from Dr. Milend Ambe in Newport Beach. She also shared the post-surgery photos a while back on social media & the poor thing looked a MESS (as patients usually do), lol. But as we can see, she certainly healed nicely and looks great. Tamra actually invited fans to contact her via email if they had questions about her facelift experience and what they could expect if they explored it as a surgery option, etc. I believe the hashtag she used during her recovery at the time was #callitacomeback , lol.

  7. Tamra did have a face lift. I didn’t imagine that, did I? She even posted pics on Twitter, I believe or somewhere else? Either way, it was a good job and she looks very natural.

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