RHOC Star Tamra Judge Reacts to Former Friend Ricky’s Accusations

This week’s RHOC episode saw Tamra Judge’s former best friend Ricky Santana show up at Vicki Gunvalson’s birthday party at her house. Kelly Dodd, Gretchen Rossi, and Lizzie Rovsek were there as well.

Ricky had some pretty serious comments about Tamra’s husband Eddie Judge. Ricky, who was the best man in Tamra and Eddie’s wedding, claimed that he saw Eddie once kissing another man.

Meghan King-Edmonds Tweeted about Ricky’s comments that something is “fishy.”

Tamra then responded on Twitter saying, “Right! His attempt last night was confirmation that I did the right thing by getting him out of my life. He’s with the right people now”

Tamra also wrote on Instagram: “How staged and wrong was that? The worst acting I’ve ever seen. They are nothing but homophobic bullies that think it’s okay to try and out a straight man hoping to humiliate him,” Tamra wrote to her followers. “Well guess what it didn’t work! It’s not the 1920’s and being gay is not something to be ashamed of or mocked. You should all be ashamed of yourself. Vicki was 100% behind this and I hope she loses her job just like Phaedra [Parks].”

“It’s so laughable that you have to poke fun,” Tamra wrote to one follower. “So who should win the academy award for this next scene? Had to be the worst acting #IThoughtSheKnew #setup #liars #shouldBeFired.”

Judge also defended her husband Eddie in her blog. “The disturbing part of this episode is that they really think they are affecting my life by creating a conversation (a bad one at that) that questions my husband’s sexuality. They really think that accusing a straight man of being gay in this day and age is still a way to hurt one’s character? The obvious fact is that he is not gay and to continue to use this bully tactic to hurt me, my loving relationship or my family shows what kind of horrible person Vicki and her party guests are, especially coming from a gay man himself. Who knows for sure 100% that Eddie is not gay but would rather get his 15 minutes on TV to say otherwise.”

Thoughts on what Ricky had to say? Tamra’s reaction?

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22 Replies to “RHOC Star Tamra Judge Reacts to Former Friend Ricky’s Accusations”

  1. Again.. It wasn’t Vicki saying all this stuff about Eddie.. it was Tamra’s former “bestie”! “Methinks Tamra doth protest too much”! Where there is smoke there is fire!

    1. Hey Rain……..yeah I don’t believe him either. He wants his 2 seconds of fame and because he had it out with Tamra, he’s looking for sweet revenge and I bet doesn’t care either!

  2. There isn’t a one of theses women that deserves any of us defending them, in my opinion. If Eddie swung both ways before they married, isn’t that a non-starter as far as being offensive by now? How do you claim to support the LGBT etc community for personal choices at the same time you consider an allegation of that activity is a vicious attack or worthy of controversy? What if the rumor was that before they were married he preferred tall women. Isn’t Andy constantly titilated (no pun intended) in how many straight women he can find who will admit they’ve dipped in the lady pond? Tamra may just be Queen of Trying to Ruin Someone with Rumors, and Vicki shares the title. True or not, this man Ricky just made a fool of himself trading his dignity by pretending this wasn’t a set up for being in front of a camera for 2 minutes.

    1. To be honest Deborah, I’m not sure they are talking about Eddie’s single days. If they were this wouldn’t be such a big thing, at least I don’t believe it would. This is Tamara’s friend so I’m assuming he didn’t know Eddie pre-Tamra. If however he did kiss etc another man while they were courting, it is cheating….man or woman. If he does swing both ways, then this would be a good time for a discuss. Ya gotta admit……… It would be a bit of a shock, don’t you think?

  3. Big Whoop…so this dude got his 5 min of “fame”….who cares if Eddie kissed dude before marriage or not. He is married now and not then…many of these “married” women continue to kiss other women and frolick naked among themselves….big whoop

  4. “The disturbing part of this episode is that they really think they are affecting my life by creating a conversation (a bad one at that) that questions my husband’s sexuality” said Tamra.

    Well sweetie, if it’s not affecting your life, why are you even addressing it??? STFU already.

  5. I do believe this bothers Tamara very much. But, she’s not honest enough to admit it. All she does is constantly bring it up every opportunity she gets. Just another vendetta to hold against Vicki. Does the lady protest too much?????????
    Note Meghan’s response. I can just picture her in her Sherlock Holmes coat, cap & possibly a pipe ready to solve the mystery of why this smells fishy.
    Be gone Meghan, you have work to do & I’m not talking breast feeding either. New mystery to solve.

  6. Tamra you are so full of crap. Just like you set up Keli with that “psychic”. If that homeboy was a Psychic then I am an Open Heart Surgeon during the week and an Aerospace engineer on the weekends.

  7. Vicki’s Birthday Party.
    The Most Disturbing Moments;
    1)Jeana’s, Face? Her next possible Gig? “Botched”.
    2)Vicki’s Son-in-Law, gifts her with a Gun? Yikes!
    3) Having to watch Slime/Slade..
    4) Vicki blathering on about her ” Friends”,
    How they Moved on, after Falling Outs, bla bla bla
    5) Vicki’s Choice of a Gown. WTH? Not Figure Flattering. Upper Back Fat.. Too tight around her rather large mid section.
    At, least Ramona Singer, ” Works Out” & looks Years Younger than Vicki and is much older than Vicki..
    5) Ricky’s, “Weird Cartoonish Hair”?
    6) Vicki telling Lydia that she is Happy at the Prospect of her Renewing Her Friendship with Tamra one minute and then once at the ” Round Table of Morons”
    ” Tell me More”
    That is all, I have to say.
    In Conclusion;
    At Eddie’s Birthday Party. Tamera mentioned that she missed Vicki as her Birthday was so close to Eddie’s Birthday. That speaking with Vicki almost felt Normal.
    Also, Lydia ” getting out” of Eddie’s Birthday Party to attend Vicki’s. Lydia, is generally Honest.Not, a good Move.
    Vicki, seemed so desperate for “Friends”, I almost felt as if she hired “Rejects from Past Seasons” to fill the empty seats..

  8. Tamra is just reaping what she’s sown on the show for all these years. Just like King David, the Lord may have forgiven your sins but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to suffer the consequences of your many Horrible actions!!! On the other hand, who cares if Eddie is gay. If he is, Tamra doesn’t seem to care. They seem to be crazy happy. Tamra should just give Vicki and others her baptized middle finger and keep it moving.

  9. P.S. I agree it beats France too. Paris, of all the cities overseas was the least beautiful. It had it’s benefits though, like the Greek Quarter, and we stayed at “The Park Hotel” aptly named being across from the most beautiful park ever. There was a little balcony off of our room too. But the architecture in London, Rome and Barcelona beat Paris hands down, to use your words. We still had a great time, we took the train from Rome to Paris, and had a compartment with sleeping quarters. That part was so fun. anyway, I digress. I could go on about travel though. I got the bug from my 1st overseas trip!

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