RHOC Star Shannon Beador’s Trainer Dr. Tim Under Investigation

We have seen RHOC star Shannon Beador’s trainer Dr. Tim Ramirez quite a bit this season, as Shannon has been working with him to lose weight.

Dr. Tim was reported for violating state law by performing acupuncture without a license and a secret investigation was opened into the claim against him.

The complaint was filed by someone who is choosing to be anonymous after photographs showing him performing acupuncture were shared on social media.

The California Acupuncture Board opened an investigation against Dr. Tim all the way back in November 2016, RadarOnline reports.

“The Acupuncture Board is in receipt of your complaint referencing the above individual,” the email stated, with a case number and the following information noted: “Tim Ramirez, DC. Unlicensed Practice of Acupuncture.”

“We assure you that every complaint we receive is closely examined. However, please be advised the Board only has jurisdiction to take administrative action against those individuals found to be in violation of the laws and regulations relating to the practice of acupuncture. Further, the Board does not have any authority to demand a refund for the dissatisfied services.”

Shannon posted a photo onto Instagram last year showing her daughter Stella getting acupuncture from Dr. Tim.

The second claim against Dr. Tim was filed December 6, 2016 to the Chiropractic Board of California.

“This acknowledges receipt of your complaint against Tim Ramirez, D.C. with the Board of Chiropractic Examiners,” the letter said.

“The Board assigned your complaint to enforcement staff for review. The Board gives priority attention to complaints containing allegations involving sexual misconduct, fraud, use of drugs or alcohol, or gross negligence/incompetence,” the letter explained.

“Expect notification from the Board regarding the outcome of your complaint. The Board observes all due process requirements mandated by the law. If your complaint is referred for investigation, an investigator may contact you. If the investigation substantiates your allegations, the Board may refer your case to the Attorney General’s Office for formal disciplinary action. If the case proceeds to administrative hearing, you may be called upon to testify before an administrative law judge.”

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  • timdun

    Since Shannon posted the picture on November 15, 2016 and the investigation was opened in November 2016 it appears the picture she posted was the one mentioned in the investigation. I’m sure Vicki will be blamed as the person who reported it.

  • Real Sandy

    I don’t watch this show, but I am appalled that just anyone feels they can poke needles into someone without the proper training. It is the worst.
    Now, we are left to wonder how clean those needles were as well. It is an assumption that each one is sterilized and clean, like it is an assumption that tattoo parlors use clean needles…though they may redip into used ink bottles…but that is another story. It is sad that there are always people out there just to make money off innocent ones, and when I see a child being used like this by some idiot, it really makes me sick.
    Shannon, I have liked you, but you really should not trust just anyone when it comes to your and your family’s health. Acupuncturists and chiropractors are not trained in medicine like physicians. It may be a choice for you, but it should not be the only medical care you seek, especially when it comes to your children.
    Yes, this is my opinion, just my opinion.

    • Rain

      Great post Sandy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • julie8888

      Licensed acupuncturists in California are licensed by the state of California following a rigorous several year training at a Master’s degree level that should have been considered Doctoral level two decades ago, and a grueling examination process. In California, herbs (medicinal substances) are also integral to the several year training. Use of herbs is best done with a diagnosis by a state-licensed practitioner.

      Many continuing education hours are required for license renewal. This is a chiropractor practicing acupuncture without an acupuncture license, which is unacceptable by the chiropractic board and the Acupuncture Board. There’s a reason acupuncturists get several years of training before a licensing process. That reason is respect for the public, and for patients, and it covers a wide swath of medical ethics. At the top of the list is getting people well (when possible) and keeping them well.

      Your attitude is way behind the times. Update your info (inside yourself), please. Acupuncturists may not be trained in medicine like physicians, but allopathic physicians are becoming more and more interested in the benefits, effects, and mechanisms of acupuncture. And Chinese herbs.

      This treatment system has been used on billions of people for many, many centuries. Don’t you think that if it didn’t work it wouldn’t have lasted this long?

      KNOW, however, that patients should only be treated by people who are trained and licensed by the state.

      • Real Sandy

        Where and why my attitude behind the times? Oh, just because I don’t agree with you, I am behind the times? Really? Wow! Who are you to judge me?
        FYI, my very good friend is an acupuncturist who now lives in California. She is Chinese, very well trained and extremely qualified with many years of experience. She is also an herbalist. I love her. She is excellent.
        I still do not believe she could be my family doctor, even if California is the ONLY state in the union that permits acupuncturists be approved as PCPs..Primary Care Providers! FYI: In all other states, only PHYSICIANS can be primary care providers. I am no ignorant layperson, my friend.
        As I stated in the last line, it is MY OPINION, and you can take it or leave it with your JUDGMENTAL attitude.
        Please don’t judge me. I have far more experience with medical practice than you do in your little finger. I will never agree with you, yet you are entitled to YOUR opinions. It is not my “attitude” but rather my “knowledge” of illness and treatment that makes me feel the way I do.
        I do believe in traditional medical care which may be supplemented by acupuncture from a licensed practitioner and not some quack. There are laws for a reason. In medicine, one statement from the Hippocratic Oath is, First Do No Harm. We must protect the patient or client from harm.
        I am all for holistic care, yet I do believe in things such as vaccinations for communicable disease. I am entitled to my educated opinions, my friend, so please do not sit on your high horse and judge what you do not know. This is not a forum to push our opinions onto others. Why not become a missionary or something beneficial and stop preaching to me. If you ever actually read what I wrote, I was denouncing the alleged idiot who had no license to practice acupuncture and stated it was my opinion.
        Have a nice day!

  • cat62

    While I do not think he should be doing that if he is not licensed to do so…I wonder how they knew he was not licensed for that? Someone had to do their investigative research and then bother to file, etc…In the end if it goes to court the “annonymous person will have to show themselves. “If the case proceeds to administrative hearing, you will be called upon to testify before an administrative law judge.”

  • Daisy

    This dude just gives me really bad vibes

  • DaysofWineandRoses

    Who needs to investigated is the witch doctor Shannon went to to give her a love spell when David first tried to separate & leave home after the affair. I’d put ten on twenty she’d be a LOT better off if she would have not resisted and just let that man go.