RHOC Star Shannon Beador Will NOT Reconcile with Vicki Gunvalson

It is no secret that RHOC stars Vicki Gunvalson and Shannon Beador haven’t been getting along, and it seems like their friendship will never be fixed.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want to be friends with Vicki,” Shannon said. “I’ve been authentic, and I want to maintain my authenticity.”

If you’ve been hoping for a reconciling between Shannon and Vicki during season 12, don’t hold your breath.

“Tamra is a much nicer person than I,” Shannon joked. “She’s more of a people pleaser than I, ’cause I’ll just say, no! You’re gonna see maybe some efforts being made. But one thing that Vicki, I think, has been successful in [is], she kind of has a way of threatening, to scare you, and I am not afraid. I’m a lot of things, but I’m not afraid.”

It makes you wonder if Vicki will keep good on her promise to “punish” Tamra and Shannon, especially when the women go on the trip to Iceland this season.

“Tamra and I, of course, had a conversation about it,” Shannon told ET. “We didn’t want to have a lot of tension [on the trip]. So, as we entered into a different country, we entered a different mindset of, we’re not going to make this trip stressful and make everyone tense. So, we were more open to having a conversation or, you know, doing things together. We did everything together.”

Shannon admits that Lydia McLaughlin and new Housewife Peggy Sulahian start most of the drama in Ireland.

“Certain people, you meet and you mesh,” Shannon shared. “I don’t really mesh with [Peggy] … and Lydia is completely judgmental. Just stop with the interview comments about me! They’re just, I mean, every week, what are we gonna hear now?”

“She’s really a pot-stirrer,” Shannon says, adding that she considers Lydia to be the season’s top pot-stirrer. “I heard about this sweet, little girl, Lydia, and not so much to Shannon Beador!”

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12 Replies to “RHOC Star Shannon Beador Will NOT Reconcile with Vicki Gunvalson”

  1. Personally I think Lydia and Peggy tell it like they see it. All Shannon does is get in Tamra’s ear telling her where to go, what to say, and what to do, and what to think.

  2. Lydia, isn’t the compassionate, turn-the-other-cheek Christian she claims to be. She was just being rather in last night’s episode. Shannon can be loud and annoying, but Lydia is so quick to judge and condemn, Just a another religious hypocrite.

  3. Shannon is a real trip. She screeches, she wines , she throws tantrums and it’s always about her. What I find strange is how she manipulates Tamra. Tamra & Shannon – two peas in a pod when it comes to mean girl behavior/mentality.

  4. Shannon and Tamra are doing a Thelma and Louise style cliff dive right off the show. Do they realize by refusing to interact in a meaningful way with Vicki they are forcing producers to choose btwx them for next season? This season is a dud, nothing but rehashing of ancient grudges and near complete separation of the longest tenure cast mates. I would love to see Vicki go but she is smart, aligning herself with Kelly, who is trending upward in popularity this season. S & T are making a big mistake.

    1. You are so right. It’s really a popularity game in the end. Who’s story line brings in the most viewers and as for this viewer, I am so over both Tamra and Shannon. Shannon’s whiny, screeching voice and victim mentality is just about driving me nuts and as for the sh… stirring Tamra, I am sick of her back stabbing phoney Christian bull crap. They both bore me to tears.

  5. Shannon is a very unhappy woman. She is not happy with her life, her marriage, her friendships, her weight. She’s an unforgiving, screeching jealous mess & she’s bullying Tamara by wanting to keep her to herself. Above all, I feel most for David.

  6. Can’t even remember why they aren’t “friends” anymore. Don’t care either. Bravo needs to bring some class to the OC and hire different ladies with all new crap for us to be entertained by. This group is getting boring with the same thing every, day, every week, every year…move on already!!!!!

    1. Ditto. I was just posting that a few days ago. Bravo needs to fire all of the cast, wait a season, then find some beautiful, wealthy, classy women for the O.C. Tamra is the only HW I am a fan of, and she needs to get off of this evil show. I am sure she will find a lot of wonderful things to do with her life. I will never understand casting Kelly. She isn’t even close to pretty, ( I watch to see the beautiful people, homes, parties, cloths etc. ) none of which she has. She dresses like she shopped from a dumpster, is the most vicious, vindictive, sadistic, cruel HW ever, after Viki. She treats people horribly, drinks to excess daily, acts like her husband is her slave, and I hear she is judging Megan on her mothering. She needs to look in the mirror really quick before it cracks. The show is tired and boring like you said, cat62.

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