Is RHOC Star Shannon Beador Losing Her Weight Loss Battle?

Viewers of RHOC have seen star Shannon Beador gain weight over the last year, and she says she is doing everything she can to be healthier and get back into shape.

A top nutritionist and celebrity trainer Charlene Ciardiello is commenting on Shannon’s weight. “She looks to be exactly the same weight as she was before, maybe even a little more!”

Charlene also talked about Shannon’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen saying, “Shannon appeared to be hiding her pounds in black, which is common for people to do,” Ciardiello told RadarOnline.

Charlene added, “Shannon should be losing one to two pounds per week with a balanced eating and fitness regimen, if she was following and sticking to a routine she would have lost 15 to 20 pounds by now.”

Charlene finished by saying, “It doesn’t seem Shannon is consistent. It appears she isn’t committed to a program or a routine.”

What are your thoughts on Shannon’s weight struggle? Do you think this nutritionist is right?

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31 Replies to “Is RHOC Star Shannon Beador Losing Her Weight Loss Battle?”

  1. It’s hard to lose weight at her age…. you gain it and it seems to stay – sorry fact of life. I’m sure she’ll blame it on Vicki.

  2. Its up to her if she loses weight or not. Its hard when you are that old. I could cares less if she weighs 200 or 100 pounds. Its her life.

  3. This is getting ridiculous. Shannon focusing all of her energy on her weight and trying to resuscitate her marriage that’s on life-support is like someone deciding to start a low-fat diet while they’re having a heart attack. It’s both too late and it isn’t addressing what’s happening now. Her weight is a barometer of where her marriage is. The former will not change until the latter is tended to. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s reality.

  4. Hi Rain! Your comment made me chuckle. I found this blurb about “nutritionists”:

    “A nutritionist is a person who advises people on dietary matters
    relating to health, well-being and optimal nutrition. Nutritionists
    should not be confused with dietitians. Dietitians are health care
    professionals who have received specialized formal accredited tertiary
    education and training, and undertake internship in hospitals, and who
    are required to adhere to their regulatory body’s code of conduct. They
    are also the only non-medically-trained health-care professionals
    permitted to practise clinically in hospitals or health-care facilities.
    Many “nutritionists” appear on television, in newspapers and magazines,
    and write bestselling nutritional books.”

    In other words, WE could say we’re “nutritionists” because we eat LOL. Nutritionists are along the same lines as psychics, palm readers, life coaches, gypsies and energy healers. This woman seems to be more concerned about being in the public eye than being concerned for those she claims to help.

    Shannon has said she’s miserable at her current weight, and for that reason alone I wish her success in losing it.

  5. I wish her all success in her weight loss which becomes more difficult as you age.
    She feels horrible about herself, says she cant bear to view herself in a mirror. She, unfortunately feels she has become so unattractive to David, which makes her even more depressed as she clearly seems to still love him.
    I am no Shannon fan at all, yet I sympathize.

    1. A Colleague of mine is much older than Shannon and lost 165 lbs through diet, exercise and yoga..
      That was 5 years ago and this Woman is running in Marathons..

      1. Good job, 165 Lbs is some achievement. I do not imagine Shannon has that kind of discipline & she makes no waves about hating to work out. I just hope she can learn to love herself.

  6. Well, since calling oneself a nutritionist apparently involves little more than just wearing a button that says “Ask me! I’m a nurtrionist!”, I’d say her unregulated, unethical behavior is right on par for her qualifications.

    I agree, picking at someone isn’t how to help them. Maybe if she had the skills to help Shannon along, she could have partnered with her to train and guide her.

    I know in my heart of hearts that Shannon is going to be fed up (so to speak) at some point, and we’ll get to see her transformation from the inside out.

  7. I looked outside my window and it’s totally dark from smoke and saw some ashes . Smell is overwhelming. So sad .

    1. Oh my. I just saw this. That is terrible. I hope you have air filtration there…I would be coughing nonstop and wheezing. So sad, yes.

      1. It’s better now in SF but not in Napa . Yes I have a good air filter ☀️☀️☀️Thanks for asking Sandy ❤️❤️❤️

  8. HAHAH!!! YES! You’re an herbalist! Too funny. Legalize it!

    When Shannon decides to take her life back, she’ll knock em all dead!

  9. Oh you lucky, you! SF is SO gorgeous. I dream of living there.Remember the OC episode where Vicki and Alexis were arguning and Briana was there at a restaurant? I think it’s called “Waterbar”? I always wanted to go there.

  10. Ha! I wish I could just pack it up. DH wouldn’t have it. Well, I’d be the tourist that walks around town in an “I left my heart in San Francisco” tee shirt and wonder why people are laughing at me. I’m not cool. At all.

    The ep was from way back when…and Gretch was there with her GretchenChristine fineries.

  11. who is this Charlene “nutritionist”? Anyone can call themselves that. They should be a Registered DIetitan. Someone who has studied food, nutrition and heath AND had to take an exam to be registered….AND they shouldn’t be throwing out numbers as to what someone “should have lost”. Too rapid isn’t healthy, she’s not 20, etc. Not a Shannon fan but please.

  12. FANTASTIC post Asher ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I’m a shameless shannon fan and you made solid and logical points xoxxo

  13. She won´t lose weight if she keeps drinking like a Dutch sailor…chakra tunings, enemas, aura cleanings, feng shui…none of that works if she doesn´t stop drinking and doesn´t excercise

  14. Exactly. An apparently this “expert” loves to comment on all things famous and they always have to include the disclaimer that “she does not have them as a client” or something like that. what. ev.

  15. This Charlene woman isn’t very informed. It’s a very different journey for women who are menopausal and not all routines will create the same results. I don’t think this is a very credible source.

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